So what’s new w/ Clements?

We still playing chicken w/ Clements?

I wonder if they keep moving his desk around the office.


Just don’t touch his stapler!!


Just waiting FSU


UH should have him standing on Scott St twirling a sign to market the basketball team.


that’s pretty heartless…I mean this guy didn’t do anything wrong just got caught in limbo
he could at least assist the equipment managers …

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He’s locked in.

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Art might end up at Southern Miss and convince them to take him off our hands.

What he did wrong was sign a new extension with a buyout if he had no intentions on staying.


I don’t think FSU wants him or they would have him right now.


FSU thinks they can get away with not paying the buyout, that’s all this is

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I heard they moved his office to the old racquetball courts under Fertitta Center.
Are those still there???


I doubt they’re gonna go this late playing around with a buyout. They need their full staff in meetings, recruiting, doing all the building stuff.

Didn’t seem to hurt them getting a commitment from a solid RB recruit. Also just check out who Randy follows on Twitter. Other than still having UHFootball, he is following Noles247, Seminoles Recruiting, FSU Football, Willie Taggart, and FSU recruits.

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In our history filled with some weird stuff, this situation definitely ranks.


It is not unusual to see assistant coaching movement after the signing date.

The thing is, it’s not just about FSU being willing to pay Randy’s buyout, but their current OL/RB coach they just signed last season. They would have to buy him out as well. Greg Frey is out actively recruiting. Would be a pretty cold move for FSU have him recruit and then fire him after signing day.

fsu sites already have word that their current oline coach is staying…but that they are also adding clements…one of them will have a strange title but both should be there

One would have to move to a non assistant position since they currently have 10 and as stated in another thread, title or not, would not be allowed to actively recruit off campus.