So what’s new w/ Clements?

supposedly multiple fsu staff will be let go soon and someone else and clements would be added, they said they already know 1 that will be let go…but didnt know who the other would be…this is from the fsu rumor mills, so nothing is really certain


I know the grammar isn’t perfect but I’ll assume that isn’t the problem. Briles and Clements were shopping themselves to Texas State got passed up, turned to UH asked for more money, received it with an extension and buyout clause then continued to shop themselves elsewhere. FSU was happy to pay off Briles buyout for a new offense but are not ready to clear out space on the staff plus buyout Clements’ new contract so they are playing chicken with UH to see who swerves first. Clements isn’t an innocent bystander because he never planned on staying for the entirety of the new contract.


I remember going down there to use those courts. Straight out of some horror movie set.

Those walls didn’t give any. It was a weird vibe, for sure.

He’s in the old CASA offices adjacent to where Hofheinz was.

Yea those gyms and offices where Casa was are for sure ripe for replacement.

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Listening to Holgorsen, sounds like the situation will be resolved by next week. Says they’ll be hiring a RB coach next week.

If that is FSU’s plan then only FSU will lose in this game of chicken because UH can play this wait game forever and not worry about losing productivity and input from Clements! The longer FSU waits, the less Clements can contribute to his new team! UH doesn’t hurt much if he takes his time before moving on with his new team!

Isn’t he recruiting in Houston though? That’s the only downfall of this plan.

casa, oh the nightmares

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No, he’s in Tallahassee right now.

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He recruited for Baylor on UH payroll. He should be allowed to recruit for FSU for UH payroll.

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Any updates?

FSU fired their OL coach today. Clements likely to be announced soon.

They blinked first.


Good for all. He would have hated coaching the mathletes at UH clear lake this year. Inside joke but had to say it

Ahh well, there goes a potential series down the road and a potential ACC friend for realignment when it happens…lol…like we care!


Looks like a deal was made which isn’t surprising.


Maybe a series, but I doubt this would the cost be that would hold up a possible realignment decision. But you could be right, FSU could be just as petty as Texas.