So what’s new w/ Clements?

Ah, Briles and Clements are likely already shopping themselves to other jobs.


It’s a deal where if one dog has fleas, he’s gonna pass em on to the other dogs.


So how did this game of chicken work out? Did Florida blink and pay the penalty of did we negotatate a smaller fee with Clements?

I don’t think anyone blinked. Per Berman’s Tweet above, we reached a settlement on the buyout. It will be interesting to see who got/paid what.

Better to have worked out a settlement than to burn any bridges with the noles or Clements …

We could have taken advantage and gotten our full measure but in the long run, it should pay off …

ESPECIALLY if someday CoogBongs and his witchdoctor’s prediction comes to pass … and we need FSU’s support instead of their rejection …


My guess is settlement was to part ways with no one getting paid.

FSU signed a 4 year home and home with USF when USF was in the Big East. Outside of that, USF and UCF has never made a deal to host or play a neutral site game against FSU and FSU has not played in Houston since 1978. Make no qualms about it, FSU and UF are the UT and TA&M of Florida and have no interest in supporting non power schools. We have no bridge with FSU that can be burned.


Yea, I don’t want to offend Randy Clements. Historically he’s been one of the best recruiters on the UH payroll…for other teams.


He’s not on the UH online coaching directory anymore but he’s also not on the FSU one either.

All things considered, the OL was pretty solid last season.


Maybe UH burned any bridge with FSU in the Peach Bowl? They may not want another dose of that medicine.


Agreed, the wide splits helped us utilize the athleticism of our oline and the fast pace kept dlines off balance

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Part of the reason he got a contract extension. However, he chose to shop himself elsewhere at the same time as accepting the extension. I wonder if he and Briles will still be at FSU this time next year.

That’s one good thing he left us. The fatties will be more Air Raid-ready for 2019.

Not sure what the difference will be but our new OL coach knows about wide OL splits also.