Softball vs the cow college - Regional Final Game 2 - (L 7-0)

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I can’t stand the cow college.

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Elish going again for the Horns. Bell in the circle for the Coogs

We will be lucky to win now, all momentum on cow’s side

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Just got to get the runs early. We were hitting Elish in the 1st game, but left a lot of runners on base. Need to keep hitting and hope she tires out.

Also need to limit the big inning. Texas only scored in the one inning, but got 5 runs because of some defensive issues. Got to play perfect.


Hope we can knock her out of the game…tired of seeing her again lol

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Bottom of the 1st

2 out double by James. Coogs leave her stranded.

T2…No Score.

Softball umps are hard to figure. We give up a 4 pitch walk but 3 of the pitches were right down the freaking middle

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Some of softball girls are smokin’ hot :sunglasses:

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I was thinking the exact same thing. Had me pretty upset.

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Yeah i dont know what the strike zone is in softball apparently

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Any change?

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No, 0-0 in the Top of the 4th. Both teams have had 2 base runners.

Heading to the Bottom of the 4th now.

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Bottom 4th

Leadoff single by James. Montgomery hits into a fielder’s choice and James is forced at 2nd. Thomas then hits into a fielder’s choice that forces Montgomery at 2nd. Heebner lines out to end the inning.

T5…No Score

I love our team but we have to get better at getting the bunt down.

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Top 5th

1 out homer just off the top of the wall…Horns lead 1-0

2 out infield single and then a stolen base. Lineout ends the inning.

M5…UT leads 1-0

Got to love when one of our Assistant Directors of Marketing is tweeting about Game of Thrones right now and just retweeted a GOT tweet that “nothing else matters.” Really invested in your job :roll_eyes:


Bottom 5th

2 out double by Vannoy (just missed a homer). Barker K’s to end the inning.

T6…UT leads 1-0