Solomon: These Cougars are chill

Hmm. All five times the Cougars have advanced to the Final Four, they did it from the Midwest Region.

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I know it sounds weird to say but I don’t think a blowout would be good for us. I’m sticking to a tough, hard fought game. Those in the conference tourney and before are what got us past SDSU in the opener last year…imo.

I would love a blowout. It would keep my nerves in check. Lol


I know. Me too. Just worried about the internal and external psychological implications.

I would vote for a victory in the 7-10 point range. Not too comfortable, but comfortable enough to not cause a cardiac event.

I wouldn’t compare us at all to last year… I get how you feel but different team.

Just win the game.
If the point margin is great enough that we can rest some of the players than even better.


I hope for a…blowout!!

Make a statement!!

Rest the starters!!