Solomon: UH wanted much more from Major Applewhite

Pretty fair article from Jerome

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Great quote from the article.

Coaches get fired. That’s the nature of the job. As Bum Phillips said, there are two kinds of coaches, “Them that’s fired and them that’s gonna be fired.”

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It was fair except to the extent it didn’t mention the bowl loss as a major factor in his firing. CMA didn’t get fired for going 15-8 in two seasons. I don’t think anyone really thought CMA would get fired this year if he had been even remotely competitive in the Armed Forces Bowl. But that loss made it look like he had given up and really made it hard to believe he would be able to hire any kind of decent coordinators for next year. Like others have said on this board, that bowl loss swung admin opinion greatly and really forced their hands. Unfortunately, when not all the facts are given, on the outside it looks like this is an irrational, knee-jerk reaction. I don’t believe it was and I don’t envy Khator, Pez and Fertitta for having to make that decision the way it had to be made.

As a side note, some of the reports I’ve read said CMA submitted coordinator contracts to the board for approval but they stalled while they determined his fate. I’m curious to know who he was planning to hire. Does anyone know?

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It is just geewiz info, but I would like to know also.

Fair … schmair …

And here I’d hope ole Jerome was having a change of heart towards UH …


He is the same ole schmuck throwing subtle jabs at our program throughout his article …

A supposed math/engineering genius … he should stick with math and get out of being a forever journalistic UH hack

The cockroach was correct saying the hiring of Apple was more mismanaged than the firing.

That’s a good question. You’d have to surmise that this list of OC/DC was a consideration in the Applewhite decision.

I’m always amazed at these genious writers who think they know everything never write about the real problem in college football; I.e., the unbelievable disparity in $$ payouts to the conferences as well as the exclusion from the so called championship playoffs for the “so called” G5’s.

Until these dimwits start attacking those issues in print, then their “opinions” about how the so called G5’s handle their business is of no interest to me !!

Remind me again how much Applwhite will get in the buy out. Oh I feel so sorry for him.

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As opposed to all the “genious” peope who post on a message board?

Congrats on being the real genious !

Thank you

No problem !