Some CoogFans hate UH

Not that this is relevant but looking for an excuse to post it. Still remember watching this live on tv. Was dying laughing

That would make sense…… most Aggies have got to be drunk out of their minds after tonight.


Yep. And @2Coog72 is just as big a troll.


USA today or some article I didn’t bother to read said we blew our national title chances by playing Sasser tonight.

Not if we can win Saturday and get him back for next weekend.

Both of them are trolls. Just ignore them.


Of course had we not played him, and lost, we would have blown it. Anyways, people talking out of their *ss and being ridiculous. They also forget how we made it to the Final Four with Jarreau injured.


Anybody can buy a T-shirt and call themselves a fan. True fans are people who put their money where their mouths are by supporting the team by attending a game, buying season tickets, contributing to Cougar Pride, or contributing to the Rise campaign. Not everyone lives in Houston, and we all have different abilities to support the school in some way.
The students who stood in line to get into the games and were loud and proud are true fans.
Let the trolls be trolls.
If our journey ends "Saturday, I will be grateful to the team and CKS for all the fun I’ve had going the games this year. The value is in the journey and not always the destination, although I would really like to make it to the Final Four again.


Welcome to being a fan of a P5 school. Now everybody and their mother will crawl outta the woodworks.


It’s my new superstition. I did it against Memphis on the road and we won. When we play bad I add to the feeling of despair to the board and then I say something positive and something good happens. Right after I had some belief Sharp hit two threes. Same thing happened with our win over Memphis. It worked.

My problem was just with the effort on the defense end

When we were 17-14 I just enjoyed everything. Now I put too much stress on myself. I didn’t want to lose to a 16

Cannot believe anybody would be questioning Sampson. Uncalled for. Sometimes injuries happen and they derail your plans. That’s just sports. If this year ends sooner than we would have liked Sampson will retool and come back next year, and the vast majority of us will look forward to the ride. Go Coogs!


imo, more people like to gripe at the first sign of trouble than be positive. with the internet, they gripe here on the coogs; i ignore it.

coog basketball has been on a helluva run for years, enjoy it ! :grinning:


He’s a scrub . . . . .


Good point about Jarreau. Dude was a warrior. Defensively he willed the Cougars to a win despite limping up and down the court. Different injury, though, right? I just want Sasser to be 100% on the defensive end.

When I read that I really thought he was joking like ehog does at times…

Very doubtful Sass will be even close to 100% but regardless he will be the best we got…If we can get 10-14 minutes out of him again I will be happy. His injury, I would think, is not conducive to squatting and moving quickly laterally.
But I do admire Sasser for speaking up and saying he is going to play. Any amount of minutes we can get will be super.
And I really hope Shead feels better against Auburn, because he certainly was ailing last night and his game suffered…
Sharp and Arceneaux should be ready to go early…