Some disturbing stats on young adults today

I read this is this month’s edition of “The Officer Review” magazine


  • Only 24% of 12th graders are proficient or above in civics knowledge and 36% are below basic achievement

  • 50% of college graduates do not know the term lengths of US representatives and senators

  • 40% do not know that Congress has the power to declare war, and 43% do not know that freedom of speech is a First Amendment right

  • found that 72% of students failed to identify that the US fought Hitler and Germany in WWII, and almost 25% of students cannot even identify Adolf Hitler

  • in the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’s “Annual Report on US Attitudes Towards Socialism” in 2017, 58% of millennials preferred socialism, communism, or fascism as a form of government compared to 42% who said they were in favor of capitalism.

What the Hell is wrong with kids today???


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I’d expect it to be worse for non college graduates/students. I’m also not sure any generation is good at some of those questions.

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I have seen similar stats for the last 50 years. One generation agog about the latest generations lack of knowledge.

I do think the rise of fascism is a worrisome thing. I am surprised by the number of people easily bamboozled by simple messaging. Trump at his core is a fascists. But luckily he was so disgusting that over half of the American public just couldn’t stomach him personally.

What happens when the next one that comes along is likable?



Not sure the maga supporters want that at all. His appeal at some level is his lack of appeal.

Another group may want that though. And you’re right, others may buy in. Scary.

You know RT what scared me was that People actually bought into Trump’s demagoguery. They actually believed it. At first I thought it was an angry electorate shooting the Washington establishment the middle finger by electing the most unlikable personality ever. He was a guy that had a reality TV show that was famous for firing people. Literally the most unlikable candidate EVER and he was running against a very unlikable establishment candidate in Hillary. I thought I understood what 2016 was about.

But as time when on it dawned on me that they really believed his act. You see it on this board, it is scary.

That is why I am a firm believer that Trump needs to go to prison as a warning sign for anyone else that wants to try this. The fact that he hasn’t been charged for anything surrounding January 6 yet is very bothersome for me.


Agree with all of that.


Social media

I get that, but our justice system moves at a snails pace. I believe RT was pointing out how it took 7 years to get Elizabeth Holmes to the sentencing phase. And even that’s not final say as appeals grind on.

The best chance was in Feb 2021, but the GOP came up 10 votes short of ending its self inflicted
nightmare. For that the Republican party will forever be tarnished with shame. They could have
ended the national tragedy of trump and the GOP could have started rebuilding. This left them with
barely winning the house in what should have been a red wave blow out. And what is the House’s
agenda - Hunter Biden investigations, who is already facing probable tax charges. The GOP just never learns.

At the conclusion of the trial, the Senate voted 57–43 to convict Trump of inciting insurrection, falling 10 votes short of the two-thirds majority required by the

Seven Republican senators joined all Democratic and independent senators in voting to convict Trump, the largest bipartisan vote for an impeachment conviction of a U.S. president or former U.S. president.

Get of my lawn!

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Pretty much…we will all be like that some day…
damn younger generation.

And Obama and Bidens socialism

Because his dad has been implicated by some of hunters business partners, duhhhh

Perhaps there is something wrong with our education system. Since it’s run by democrats maybe some can chime in.

Stupid shot. It’s the Republicans who don’t support public education and who continually support the de-funding of education.

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They want to vouchers for use at religious schools


Why not thats my tax $

Vouchers for religious schools means any and all religions, including Church of Satan. Might wanna give that notion some more thought.

Religious schools will also not accept or have kids with special needs, they don’t have the same resources but our public schools do. Those kids dont have the same options.

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If tax money is funding them, they should have different requirements. That could get really messy.