Some thoughts about the program

  1. Louisville was the leader in how to elevate your program to a power status. TCU followed their model. Both committed significantly more resources to budget/facilities than their counterparts at the non-BCS (the P5 of its time) level. We are now solidly on this path, with important lessons learned along the way. When Briles left, we were quicker to extend/raise Sumlin, but still paid his assistants poorly. Levine taught us that continuity cannot be guaranteed without continuity in personnel. Herman has taught us the value of not only paying your head coach, but the value of remaining competitive with assistants’ salaries, particularly the coordinators. Bottom line, we are in a great place to continue our success and our leaders understand the key levers.

  2. Some of you younger Coogs may not know/remember this, but when we hired Dana Dimel, he was not our first choice. We had lined up Bob Pruett who had been successful at Marshall (think of it as a I-AA/FCS version of Boise), but his name was leaked to the media before he told his players. As a result, he blew up the deal and ended up staying at Marshall until he retired. Even if CTH has/had agreed to go to UT or LSU, he still might not as a result of the current media circus. He strikes me as feeling like he owes his players something.


Pruitt was going to the Heisman ceremony with Pennington when the news came out. If we were in the running for the Playoff, I can definitely see a similar situation. That’s what particularly stung in Sumlin’s case.

Speaking to point #2, did you see Herman’s facial expression to the ESPN guy’s pregame interview? Daggers.