Some UT Insider Info

Most is just recruiting bs but there’s some interesting Baylor/UH info included.


For the longest time, Baylor was doing this the hard way.

BU was a case study on how not to handle horrible accusations, lack of accountability, and how you treat victims of sexual abuse inside its athletic department. For awhile, I never thought Baylor would release the players that asked out of their LOIs because, honestly, they didn’t have to.

Then the Big 12 got involved.

League sources close to the situation told me that Bob Bowlsby and the Big 12 Conference turned up the heat on the Bears after reports surfaced two weeks ago that a faction of Board of Regents and rogue BMDs tried to reinstate coach Art Briles to his previous post at McLane Stadium. But let’s start from the beginning.

A month ago Big 12 contacted BU officials for transparency on all the troubles brewing in Waco. They wanted detailed reports, including the Pepper Hamilton report, accountability measures, and means to fix the policies and procedures in Title IX within the athletic department.

And Baylor took its sweet ass time.

So Bowlsby and the league took action this week issuing a public request for Full Baylor Information:

“The Big 12 Board of Directors is gravely and deeply concerned by media reports about activities involving the athletics program at Baylor University. On May 24, 2016, the Big 12 Board requested a full accounting of the circumstances surrounding the sexual assaults at the University. At this time the Board is only privy to information that has been made available to the public.”

It continued to say…

"Because many of the incidents at Baylor reportedly involve student-athletes, the Conference is appropriately concerned with discovery of the facts. The Big 12 is primarily configured to facilitate fair competition among its members and compliance to the rules of both the Conference and NCAA. To that end, full disclosure is vital to assess the impact on the Big 12.

“All of our member universities consider student safety and security to be paramount among institutional responsibilities,” said Bowlsby. “The Big 12 Board of Directors, each member of the Conference and its student-athletes want to convey that our thoughts, concerns and sympathies are with the Baylor survivors and their families.”

This is what I think happens next.

I think Bowlsby and the Board of Directors will meet with Baylor soon to discuss these matters fully and give a list of action items the school must comply with. If BU does not take appropriate action within the time frame, which is unknown, they could explore expulsion over the next two years.

Now, if that happened, what could come next?

If you hadn’t noticed, the University of Houston has been building a nice athletic department down Cullen Avenue. Head football coach Tom Herman is one of the best and brightest young minds in the game, they’ve built on to their baseball stadium, added to their recruiting facilities, and are now in the works to remove the name Hofheinz from the basketball arena. I believe this is an attempt to sell the naming rights to the hoopsters hardcourt to generate a new stream of revenue.

Just in case.

Now, I believe UH has had a plan for well over a year now to become more attractive to the P5 conference in case of realignment. I’m hearing the Big 12 would have no problem dropping Baylor for Houston. This part is of course, unconfirmed.

But it correlates with a lot of what UH is doing in its attempt to get into a major conference. This isn’t an argument for what UH offers the Big 12, this is just the Big 12 doing its homework and preparing for every scenario. League sources hear the Big 12 has done market research for adding more teams, including UH.

At the end of the day, I think Baylor complies with the Big 12 regulations and remains in the conference for as long as the conference actually exists. But it shows you the extent people had to go to in order for Baylor to finally come clean.

Also, don’t be shocked if Art Briles is coaching at a Power 5 program in December. Also, don’t be surprised if Kendall Briles, Tate Wallis, Randy Clements, and Jeff Lebby - all offensive staffers currently at BU - join him. I hear there’s some houses for sale in Waco.

Maybe Steve Edmond was right after all.


First of all, how fun is this? I’ve covered Texas Football for four years now and I can’t remember having this much fun. It’s like National Signing Day all over again. Coach June is in full gear.

Wednesday night I learned that Baylor may be releasing its signees from their LOI on Friday morning. Eric started hearing the same. We had no idea BU was going to get out in front of the story and let them go on Thursday afternoon. But it ties in with Baylor admins being proactive in doing the right thing, even if Bob Bowlsby and the Big 12 had to nudge them in the right direction.

I can tell you that Texas has room for five recruits. Devin Duvernay was the domino that started this entire chain reaction. Once he dropped, the fun began.

Now, how does UT make room for four more prospects in late June? Being creative, that’s how.

I’ve learned that 2-3 Horns will likely be medical redshirted before Fall camp. No need for names at this point, but I think you can say Blake Whiteley is one of them. There might be a few attrition candidates as well, but again, no need for names until the time comes. Things could change from now until August. That sort of stuff usually works itself out.

Then there’s the question of Marcel Southall and Erick Fowler qualifying for the fall semester. I fully expect Southall to be on campus by August. Fowler has a shot too, but he needs to finish summer school like a scholar. That remains to be seen.

This almost assures Texas will take an even smaller class in 2017. But it’s so top-heavy in talent, and they’re in great standing with a few of the state’s elite, they feel comfortable doing this. Strong knows he has to win now. He realizes he can’t wait.

Now, Eric is going to give you percentages on each, so there’s really no need for me to go into it any further. But I will say this; most sites are reporting that Parrish Cobb is leaning Texas, and my sources say that’s probably not true.

Strong added nine 300+ recruits in 2016. He likes the big boys. He wants to build from the inside out. Personally, I think Cobb would be a better get over Urquidez long term, but I don’t feel the staff sees it that way. If they could take all six, they would. But the numbers will dictate otherwise.

I’m not saying Cobb can’t happen, I’m just saying I believe JP is who Texas covets slightly more at this point. Of note, 15 minutes after Baylor posted that they would be releasing five signees from 2016, I got a message from a UT commit from 2017. All it said was," JP is coming to Texas." And for the record, this Longhorn pledge is rarely wrong.

Recruiting in June, y’all.


“We’re building a monster in Austin.” - Liberty Eylau 5-star DL Lagaryonn Carson

From: Eric Nahlin


Heh, I mean, edition.

With the release actually happening we can finally discuss these players openly. First, let me tell you Texas wasted no time getting in touch with the players it covets and to say feedback has been positive would be an understatement.

WR Donovan Duvernay, Sachse (Garland): Landing Devin Duvernay on Wednesday made this one a done deal. Landing Donovan was simply going to be dependent on when he was granted his release. His release was Thursday, we expect him to file his financial aid paperwork with Texas today. Done deal.

Percentages: 100%

RB Kameron Martin, Memorial (Port Arthur): I talked to Kameron multiple times on Thursday. This one looks very good for Texas but it might not play out immediately. Kam’s a blur as a player and anyone Art Briles wanted obviously has a role in this Sterlin Gilbert incarnation of the veer and shoot. I believe Kameron always wanted to go to Texas but pride got the best of him. Now is the chance to go to his dream school and I think he’s thankful for the opportunity.

Percentages: 85%

CB Parrish Cobb, La Vega (Waco, TX): The hardest situation to read because of contradictory information from the Texas side and the Cobb side. We believe Parrish would be open to Texas but that UT’s interest does not match that of Oklahoma’s. This is a major factor with the Cobb’s, especially with Texas running hot and cold with its interest leading up to NSD. My money is on OU but I can’t entirely rule out Texas if Charlie Strong decides to step up his efforts. This could flip rather quickly. Clay Jennings is a real selling point with Parrish, as is current UT DB Eric Cuffee, but Jennings’ hands appear to be tied as of right now. When I asked Cobb’s dad if Texas is a player here, he said," I don’t know. We need to see who’s interested in him." We’re watching this one closely.

Percentages: 20%

OL Patrick Hudson, Silsbee (Silsbee, TX): Hudson hasn’t exactly been hiding his pro-Texas sentiments of late. According to a source in Silsbee, Hudson’s decision was made much easier with the release. He’s not the type to rock the boat so he would have gone to Baylor had they pressed the issue. Now it sounds like a foregone conclusion he ends up at Texas, though because he’s a bit impressionable I have a very tiny reservation. Anyone who definitively states Texas is not in the picture should be roundly mocked. Hudson does have two official visits remaining after using his on Texas, Georgia, and Baylor.

Percentages: 85%

OL JP Urquidez, Copperas Cove (Copperas Cove): Baylor has nailed offensive line evaluations time and time again. Pretty extraordinary because the common sentiment is its the toughest position on the field to project long term. If Art Briles wanted him, and now Matt Mattox wants him, you know he’s a fit. Urquidez has great size and projects to guard long term. We know the staff has been concerned with depth. Landing Hudson and Urquidez goes along way towards healing that. Remember we said 2017 numbers were up in the air? Here’s your reason. The only way he doesn’t end up at Texas is if he’s a victim of numbers, but we think Texas can and will make it work.

Percentages: 85%

We’re bullish on four of the five ending up at Texas. We don’t think there will be a concerted announcement which is actually better for UT. It’s better if the announcements are staggered to keep Texas at the top of the recruiting headlines.


It seems like we’re discussing wide receiver in every Scoop. With the abundance of talent at the position in the 2017 class that’s to be expected. We mentioned Richmond Foster’s CeeDee Lamb last week after he made a surprise appearance at the Texas camp. After initially thinking Texas might not be all that interested in the 6-foot-3 playmaker we’ve learned that UT is thoroughly kicking the tires on him.

One guy really tied into the Houston football/recruiting scene swears Lamb is one of the top one or two wide receivers in the nation. I don’t know about that, but Lamb is damn good.

I talked to him on Wednesday to gauge his interest. If Lamb making the fairly long drive from Richmond to Klein HS wasn’t enough of an indication, he did tell me Texas is a school he would love to receive an offer from.

Currently opinions vary on where he’ll end up. I know some OU people who think
he’ll end up re-committing to the Sooners, but I’ve also heard he’s more likely to end up at Ole Miss or Florida. I’m more inclined to believe the latter.

If Texas truly wants to get in the conversation, it would be wise to offer no later than Under the Lights and probably sooner. I also think he’s piqued Charlie Williams’ interest.

His ceiling is higher than Manny Netherly’s, but he doesn’t have Manny’s floor. We’ll keep an eye on this one.

If you haven’t seen the highlights of the Easy Glider, it’s worth it.


I talked to two people who have known Wilson (Bellaire Episcopal) well before his first offer was secured. I’ll let them tell it.

Source 1: “When you have a kid mention ‘they (UT) need to win’ it’s a good thing. If you win, then what’s the complaint? Strong needs to win anyway so assuming he does that I think Texas will be tough to beat.”

The second source is a big mentor to Wilson. What he says and thinks holds sway with the nation’s top defensive tackle.

Source 2: “Strong is just real. That’s all that needs to be said. He’d be a great mentor for Marvin. He’s a guy who does things the right way and you know he’ll have Marvin’s best interest at heart.”

I was also told that Alabama isn’t really a factor. LSU and FSU are definitely schools to watch and maybe Ole Miss and Oklahoma. As we’ve asserted for quite some time, we think Wilson would prefer to stay close to home. It sounds like if Strong gives him a reason too, Texas will be in prime position.


Not a lot to report on perhaps the state’s best wide receiver. I caught up with a source at Lancaster who said (unsolicited I might add) the highlight of Manning’s visit to Texas a couple weeks ago was his one-on-one time with Strong. That’s the best possible news coming from that visit.

Texas trails TCU at this point but this is heading in the right direction.

Justin and I will catch up with Wilson, Manning, and many others in Oregon in a couple weeks. On that list is linebacker Anthony Hines.


You didn’t think all the news was going to be good, did you?

As of right now, if Hines had to select his school, it would be Oklahoma. In fact I hear he’s actually doing a bit of recruiting on behalf of OU. The best recruiting in the region right now is being done by the OU class of 2017. They’re doing exactly what the Texas class of 2016 did down the stretch.

Hines is a fantastic Mike linebacker who I didn’t think would want to share positions with Levi Draper. Apparently they’d both be ILB’s and the two are close friends.

There’s ground to make up here, make no mistake. I may have been a tad overly optimistic.

Kenneth Murray is a big piece to this class nobody’s really talking about.


I caught up with someone close to Murray and things sound great for Texas. As in, he’s nearing 90% range. Murray really impressed people at Texas with his build and appears to suffer the same myostatin deficiency Anthony Wheeler is likely afflicted with. Those two should put pictures of Belgian Blue cattle on their helmet in place of Bevo.

The Elkins linebacker will announce on August 10th.


Offensive lineman Xavier Newman (Desoto) and cornerback Kobe Boyce (Lake Dallas) are getting pressed pretty aggressively from OU commits and I could see each visiting at some point. To cut to the chase, I’m not worried about Boyce, and numbers are really tight at CB for the Sooners anyway, such that they’re forced to back off of Kary Vincent.

Newman is a bit different, but numbers are again in play. Desoto’s OL coach is an OU grad and while I don’t think that’s entirely significant, it’s not insignificant. The issue to watch is OU’s numbers because they will likely preclude Oklahoma from going all in on the Texas commit. Currently the Sooners have stud guard, Tyrese Robinson committed, but they’re also in great shape for in-state guard/center, Creed Humphrey, as well as Aledo’s Chuck Filiaga and Baton Rouge’s Adrian Ealy.

Humphrey is going to OU or A&M. OU is in it squarely for Filiaga. OU leads for Ealy provided LSU doesn’t push hard for him. OU also likes a Midwest OL they’ll probably get if Ohio State doesn’t offer (which they probably won’t).

Texas coaches are fully aware of the situation. Newman warrants monitoring but I’m not worried yet.


I’ll finish on a higher note. OU is also pursuing the Temple defensive end, and while he’s not a Texas commit, it kind of feels that way. I talked to someone close to Graham and UT is still in fantastic shape. I don’t think this one goes into the season based on the conversation I had.

Before the end of August I’m predicting Texas has commitments from Murray and Graham.

From: Tim Preston

Only a couple of brief notes from the hoops front this week.

First, another 2017 offer went out as the Longhorns offered Jaren Jackson Jr. out of Indianapolis, IN. Jackson, who Coach Smart got a close up look at during the USA basketball tryouts earlier this month (Jackson made the u17 team), is a combo forward with crazy length (6-foot-10) who is one of the best shooters in his class. Give Coach Smart credit, if a player’s good enough to be at UT, he’s going to offer them, even if it’s unlikely Texas would be an option, as is the case with Jackson.

Second, it appears as though the time in Colorado Springs has helped Coach Smart make up his mind about the 2017 point guard spot. After talking with a couple of sources following the tryouts, Matt Coleman seems to have pulled ahead of Trae Young in the running for who Texas most covets at the lead guard spot.

“(Coleman) looked big time all week,” a source told Inside Texas. “Shooting was big time. Ball handling and passing was big time. Coach Smart came away convinced he’s their guy.”

That’s not some monumental change from previous thought, but to see Coleman separate himself from Young (a great prospect in his own right) means Smart must have been particularly impressed.


I’ll save everyone some time. Most is not new/UH related. Only somewhat new conjecture:


Why would anyone post much crud about UT on a cougar board? Just post the stuff about us. What a serious waste of time reading half of this was…


AGAIN … not very many Sherlock Holmes fans here …

dezag reminds me of Rickon from Game of Thrones … he should have ZIGGED and zagged but didn’t …

The bears have been reluctant to reveal any more NOT for arrogance BUT they could very well be hiding some damaging evidence that makes Watergate look tame.

The Big12 has now called their bluff … thing is the Big12 has shown they don’t have the cajones for expansion … NOW we are to believe they have the cajones to expel the bears if the evidence is there to do so.

I just find it remarkable that someone would voluntarily take the time to post something of interest to UH fans, and nimrods reward him for his efforts with a bunch of bitching and crying.

Peak Coogfans.


Lol so you found all that stuff about UT recruits interesting and important to UH…hmm good to know.

Hey sherlock, what exactly does all the UT recruit talk(which was 80% of the post) have to do with UH? Or were you just trying to be sarcastic again?

Well since you are still trying to figure out what “sarcasm” means … why should anyone attempt to explain CoachV’s posting to you … RICKON …

For those bitching…

Bite me


LOL I knew that was coming. Thanks for the info coach.

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thought it was very interesting info, also find it interesting that the writer only seems to focus on players looking at ut vs OU. guess there are no other real,possibilities in his mind. interesting to note, I think we have picked up more Baylor guys than either OU or ut so,far…

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I thought it was interesting. Especially, as someone already pointed out, how OU centric a Texas insider post is.

No good deed goes unpunished. Thought I’d save you guys some time.

Seems like this forum is a bunch of old boys echoing each others thoughts and opinions and not open to others.

Not the kind of site I want to be a part of. I’m out.

wow, rocketry sounds you are part of the thin skin generation, sorry you got your feelings hurt…maybe we should start a safe area for you where free speech is censored and you can only say nice things…

Haha he had eight total posts. Seems like a lurking troll.


Now it’s Coogfans! LOL!


Well don’t let your boosters get ya on your patootie on your way OUT …


Good post. Thanks, Chris

It’s not a real message board until someone promises to leave forever.

Coogfans has once again arrived.


I like all the info… especially the recruiting. I live in Waco so I get the BU stuff to often. BTW, we haven’t gotten any of those released from their NLI but we did get TrenDavian via transfer & the QB\TE via graduation. But UT didn’t get Kam (Auburn) and Parrish Cobb is a coin toss between UT ( which he was supposed to meet with UT staff but didn’t) and OU I think the Murray kid (2017) is more an A& M lean over UT. I think we are good at WR commits especially with Dickson transferring here. I really like our chances with K’Lavon… supposedly it is UH & OU .

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