Something ain’t right

This is all too good to be true

UT and OU both leave the Big 12 which sets us up for Big 12 expansion. We get the invite.

UT is in shambles, and Lincoln Riley is taking recruits and staff to USC cementing the potential decline of OU football unless some miracle hire happens (Bob Stoops is just an interim?)

How is UH getting screwed by all of this? I can’t think of anything but I know there’s something

There’s no way ESPN is this stupid to screw themselves

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We have been secretly picked by ESPN to be one of the new chosen ones of FBS. All will become clear in the next few seasons.


I hope you’re right

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We have almost been there so many times. This set of circumstances HAS to be the one!!

So, you’re a glass half empty kinda guy, huh?

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The way we get screwed is if one of these openings comes after Dana (doubtful) or the B12 folds (like the Big East did) and we are relegated to the Sun Belt.

There is no glass. The fountain is always full

There are more reasons why the Big12 could be successful than there are that they wont. The new B12 is killing it this season and the teams that were supposedly holding the conference together are in disarray. The B12 would be in worse shape in the next few years with them than without them. The conference will survive just fine.


The best of the rest in the B12 leave and the B12 does a Big East in football. Then, the P5 gets what they have wanted all along… a P4.

The big 12 will be fine and remain a p5 bc it’s way better than the old big East even with Miami top to bottom. The pac isn’t expanding so the most that happens in the big takes 2 but the 2 they take if they even do, won’t hurt much. The big12 is a p5 , here to stay.

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Do you mean to say the P4 gets what they wanted all along? Because if the P5 gets what they want that would include the Big12 wanting a P4 which I have to believe is not true. I really dont think the ACC, Big10, SEC and PAC have either the stroke or desire for that to happen.

at first I thought you were talking about a Willie Nelson song


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Just put me back in the simulation, or are we just currently in another one?

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The Mouse and his mrs (Minnie) are not happy about ESPN and all that $$$ they are spending and wasting … either Goofy or Donald will probably the new heads of the sports network

And give up their spots on the cfp committee? Not likely…

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Bowlsby leaves the B12 citing irreconcilable differences. Pearland is appointed interim Commissioner and immediately signs a 40 year deal with the Hallmark Network worth 2 million, stating, “we will never again be the concubines of the filthy rodent in Bristol!”

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Can we stop being like robin lol and have confidence. It’s gonna work out and the big 12 will last and be # 3 in fb.