Sound of Freedom? More like Sound of Giggety Giggety

C’mon baby the traffickers won’t believe us if we don’t have sex in the shower. It’s just too keep our cover intact

I’m aware of the issue of sex trafficking, and it’s definitely a really bad problem. That said, conservatives really ate this movie up it was pretty surreal to me

Who cares? This is non sense.

Exhibit A ^^^

Really? Did you think the movie was nonsense?

I said this in the other thread on this. Be very careful who and what you buy into.

Not at all. It was tough to watch at certain parts. But to try and discount someone that was hitting on of age women is bs. Vice should be ashamed with stories like this…

“It was ultimately revealed through disturbingly specific and parallel accounts, that Tim has been deceitfully and extensively grooming and manipulating multiple women for the past few years with the ultimate intent of coercing them to participate in sexual acts with him, under the premise of going where it takes and doing ‘whatever it takes’ to save a child.”

I don’t know if your organization is trying to prevent grooming and sexual exploitation… It’s probably a bad look to keep someone trying to groom and manipulate women into sexual acts.

Kind of a mixed signals sort of issue. I mean good for him for being just a normal sleazeball and not into kids. That’s a nice change of pace

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It’s a BIT more than that. Be serious. You’re very purposefully trying to minimize his behavior.

Have you read the piece? The LDS church has condemned him. They don’t do that for someone just “hitting on women.”

There is a movie based on a guy that very clearly has credibility issues. If you think that doesn’t put the whole thing under suspicion, it’s because you don’t want to hear it.


You can bet if he was just “hitting on women,” he wouldn’t be so forcefully denying it all.


It was a true story

So you don’t think the story in the movie was true?

First, it’s based on a true story. They are never entirely true.

Second, the guy it’s based on clearly has credibility problems. You can believe everything he says but I have issues doing so.

Be careful about who and what you buy into.

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It is not a documentary.
Here’s what the organization Tim Ballard used to be a part of says.

Tim Ballard clearly has credibility problems after being ousted from OUR. He’s not the only person involved in the film that has questionable behavior.

Do you not think the allegations against Tim Ballard are true or do they just not matter to you?

I have no idea, they could be and they could be false.

Do they matter if they are true? And what it would take to convince you?

He was let go by the organization he founded and his church condemned him. That’s not beyond a reasonable doubt but it’s something.

It makes him look bad personally. But it does not take away from the good work he did saving hundreds to thousands of children from being exploited.

I had a feeling you were going to say that.

When the stories largely came from him, can you believe it all? I just don’t see how you can trust the guy.

I’m not saying the entire movie is bunk but hard to know what’s real and what isn’t. We know it was exaggerated because all movies based on true events do that. But now you also have a guy that lacks credibility.

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