“Sound of Freedom”

Has anyone seen it? Really good movie and quite informative about child trafficking which is now a $150,000,000,000 a year business.


My wife and I saw it in Branson Missouri during July 4’th week. Great movie. Sold out albeit small theater. What was interesting is at the end when MANY stayed and paid forward for others to see movie.

This is as topic which should not be political. To say it is a made up topic shows ignorance and a political bias which makes me sad as a Christian. .


I will say my family is the USA family. Both my grandfathers were born in Germany. My wife’s mother was born in Honduras. My wife’s sister in laws were born in Taiwan and El Salvador.
. All came in legally and became citizens. They all agree this is the correct way.

Lots of astroturfing going on for this movie, sold out theaters with nobody in them.


I saw it. I was expecting it to have B type acting. The acting was A+ and the story was powerful. They actually recued 150 kids in the day of the raid. They had 3 separate stings at the same time.

Shocked, said no one ever.

So you are for child trafficing?

I post that the subject of the movie “Sound of Freedom” was forced out of his organization (with a mission to fight child sex trafficking) because he was sexually harassing women that were wanting to help with the organization.

For some reason you interpret that as I’m for child sex trafficking. Of course I’m not, I’m also not for sexual harassment either. I also don’t think he should get a pass on sexual harassment because he’s trying to save the children. Do you?

How in the world could you come to that conclusion? Really weird response.

It’s a typical dumb puppy response from Firstie of anything possibly critical to anything he thinks is MAGA. It is also basically a thought terminating cliche that ends all discussion.

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Don’t think this Ballard guy is on the level, folks!



It is all one big grift from supporters.

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Selling protein powders you can get from anywhere and slapping freedom on it? :roll_eyes:

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Be careful who and what you jump out to support. They/it may not be who/what you think they are.


Alex Jones and Gwyneth Paltrow same the same supplements under different names to two different crowds. Two crowds that would not share a booth at a restaurant.

Let the grift continue, there is a sucker born every minute.

Looks like that’s probably true.


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If someone sells stuff like this, run away.