“Sound of Freedom”

More on Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad

according to its own employees, the organization did very little in the way of the much-publicized paramilitary “rescue” missions abroad, supposedly carried out by former members of U.S. special forces and meant to directly liberate women and children from sexual slavery, on which it made its name and reputation. Insiders who spoke to investigators said they viewed these as essentially a marketing tactic—one that bore spectacular fruit, as the group raised tens of millions of dollars annually and amassed assets of at least $80 million, according to federal tax filings.

Shocking! Just another one of these, thou doth protest too much types. Stop the groomers! While unsurprisingly he turns out to be a groomer. Over and over and over. You’d think people would get tired of getting duped…


Some people are in denial that they were ever duped.

Wish i could say I am shocked, but I can’t.

Con artists know how to fleece a mark.

And to use child trafficking to raise money to misuse it, is just reprehensible and actually is just another way of victimizing those kids.

No one is saying that rescue didn’t happen. However, since then, they have raised and misused millions in donors money.

“Everyone internally knows that they don’t rescue anyone anymore,” read an investigator’s notes from an interview with a former development director, in which he paraphrases her words, “but the public thinks that OUR is actively rescuing children. ‘And that’s just not true.’”

You don’t find it deceitful they keep raising money and implying they still rescue kids?

You’re whiffing on the point here.


What’s new?


These were adults. Act accordingly. I dont buy it.

So you only believe grooming accusations if they fit your narrative. Got it.

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