Sources: Cincinnati, Houston & UCF Negotiating Settlement to Join Big 12


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Brett McMurphy is a pretty reliable source…


Good to see the price tag is coming down.

Hopefully Uncle Tillman will simply write us a check!

I keep reading Uncle Tilman writing blank checks for us. There was another thread mentioning it. It is about time that other U of H Billionaires step up. Uncle Tilman should never be our sole cash dispensing source,


Which UH billionaire do you have in mind?


UH has other billionaires? Who?


This is Message Board Geniuses stuff.


Is John Moores a billionaire?

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That is a good question. How many U of H graduates are out there? do you really think Tilman is the only one? I will extend it to a U of H grad/fan that has hundred of $M’s than just billionaire, fair enough.

I don’t know.

But if no one can name another UH billionaire, then I am not going to simply ASSUME that any others are out there.

As for the poster that asked about Moores, his current net worth is estimated at about $850 million.

I think that he lost a lot in his divorce.


I identify as a billionaire and will be sending money, all good


We might be short on billionaires but we do have LOTS of thousandairs……I’m not just talking about a few thousand……big bucks, like 10-20k :beers:


Edit: I just saw one source that put Moores’ net worth at $850 million.

Does he remain connected with UH at all? I haven’t seen him at any UH related function since the late 1990s.

I wonder if the $17-20 is in addition to or includes the original $10m.

On the one hand, he mentions the $35m, which was “in addition to”

On the other hand, he mentions the UConn figure, which included the $10m.

Okay, I thought you knew who they were since you said they needed to stand up.

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Yes and he no longer is the owner of the Padres.

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He does have some stock that’s worth over $2 billion from the looks of it, so he might be in the billionaire range.

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UConn paid an exit fee of $17 million. It would seem that is a precedent that could be argued in a law suit against the AAC. I am no a lawyer, but it would seem that they could argue prejudicial treatment.

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Im a billionaire. My checkbook is open. Name your price.

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