South Florida destroying Northern Illinois

24-0 midway thru 2nd Q.

Taggart’s got them playing well these days.

How can you tell ?

If you look at the recruiting rankings over the last 5 years, USF is the most talented team in the league.

To be fair, Northern Illinois has appeared to take a big step back in recent years. This isn’t the same team that went to the Orange Bowl a few years back. They lost to Wyoming last week.

Yep. No Ill coach Rod Carey inherited Dave Doeren’s team. Started great but got worse each year. Like Bill Blankenship at Tulsa after Toad. Both internal promotions.

Rod Carey Career Record
Year 1 = 12-2
Year 2 = 11-3
Year 3 = 8-6
Year 4 = 0-2

I think USF will win the East this year.

Wyoming is pretty good this year. They have the NDST coach in his second year there.

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That is attributed to bad recruiting…

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