Space Force

I just watched a great piece on NBC about the role of Space Force in protecting us and how the battle field has shifted. Fascinating the career path our military have to advance their career and it is the future, and I am always thankful to the work of all of our servicemen.

But am I alone that it is hard for me to take its name seriously? Historically, how was the air force received when it was created?

So the Air Force came in riding really high when it was created. After World War 2 where the absolutely critical role of air power was demonstrated they had lots of leverage plus as the only branch that could deliver atomic weapons at the time didn’t hurt. In fact they weren’t too far from gutting the rest of the services budgets for a monster Air Force.

Though it was probably for the best that Truman and Co. not let Curtis “Nuke Em All” LeMay be in charge of basically the entire military.

But am I alone in finding the name Space Force hard to take serious?

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No, it’s creation was goofy and awkward. Thus it’s not taken seriously. Name wise it’s not a great name but reality what were they going to call it really? It’s not like Space Navy or something like it would be better. We go interstellar we can change it to Starfleet.

UH’s Air Force ROTC program just commissioned its first two Space Force Officers last year.

The USA now has six armed forces:

Air Force
Marine Corps
Coast Guard
Space Force

And eight total uniformed forces:

US Public Healh Service
NOAA Commissioned Corps

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Their new dress uniforms are Battlestar Gallactica inspired!

For those of you that like Trump, the Space Force is a part of his legacy.

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I get it, and respect their mission. It will draw some of our brightest and best.

I had not seen the uniforms, nice. Ronald Moore must love the uniforms.

But do the other branches chuckle a bit at the name? I know there is a rivalry between the branches where does SF fit. Kinda like the Coast Guard, that is not given the same respect.

We do, but then again, none of us really understand their jobs, so we have to give them respect on that basis.

The piece NBC did was good, gave a glimpse into their role. You are right we don’t know what they do and in time will get their due. I give credit to Trump and it is part of his legacy.

Probably because the name sounds like it’s from a stupid comedy movie. Oh it really is from a stupid comedy Netflix show.

Well, that doesn’t help either.

So say we all!!

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I believe one of their main objectives, is to protect our satellites. There are satellites for communications, GPS, military, etc.

I get their mission and what they do. They are some of our smartest and brightest.

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The uniforms look very star trekish.

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The ccp has made it clear that they want to dominate the “space” Not only are they planning to go to the moon before we get back to it they also have mining objectives on the same moon.
The Space Force was long overdue.

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A cross between star trek and galactica.

But the name…:man_shrugging:

ya, i agree, The name just does not do it for me either. From the first time I heard it, I felt it just sounded off. I can’t put my finger on what it is about the name.

Remember the greatest Japanese “anime” series of all time, “Star Blazers?”

In that series, they had the “Star Force.”

Unless and until our forces become interstellar, I would say that “Space Force” is OK.

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