Spavital out at Texas State

Just got the boot. Fire Dawson and hire him as OC.


Seriously? He just went 13-35 in the Sunbelt and you want him to run our offense?


No thx lol

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He’s not my first choice, but was reasonably well-regarded as an OC and both are plugged in as far as recruiting. Maybe Holgorsen would trust him to run the offense and maybe he has better judgment regarding adapting to personnel. We could do worse. There’s a good chance we will.

I’d mostly rather hire someone from the outside. I think we need a fresh perspective and some fresh blood.

Would be interested to hear from our WVU friends.

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Maybe different would be better

Texas State is a dumpster fire of a program. No one is gonna win there, he was a good OC before hand and has a lot of Texas experience. Not saying he needs to be a HC

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Makes almost too much sense that if we make any coaching changes it’d be a Dawson for Spav swap.

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Nobody can win at Texas State.

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Bailiff did

Texas State was in FCS at the time. Only winning season they’ve had in FBS was 2015 with Coach Fran.

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I do wonder how much change we’ll see in the staff

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Betting there will several moves made especially on defense

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Its certainly justified

20 years ago in FCS.

There is no reason that Texas State should be as bad as it is, IMO. But they may need a particularly good hire to make it go. Nobody really jumps to mind, though.

Remember that time when we were coming off a top 15 season, a 13-1 record, hired a coach that was already on staff and then opened the season losing to Texas State as their very first game in D1…

Pepperidge farms remembers…


Tom Herman at TX State. #SanMarcosTakeover


Tom Herman to Cincinnati makes too much sense. Comes in and whoops is a couple times with the cincitakeover.

I’m not convinced the chug-a-lug offense was Dawson’s. I think it was Dana’s.

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Texas St can be a winner, need the right guy. It’s a great place to be in school.