Speaking of estate tax

Or death tax….

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It pays to be King !

The whole royalty thing seems weirder and weirder as time passes on. But guess the UKers
cherish that sentimental link to their past, at just about any price. Though I do know some Brits that are not “royalist” as well.

I don’t understand it either. There was a time for Kings and Queens but now all that is happening is that they (the people) are giving a already rich family more support so that they can represent the UK. I don’t get it.


I can’t imagine being a British citizen subject to estate tax and watching them get taxed zero because of who gave birth to them.


The English government and people make money on tourism to visit England to see Buckingham Palace and other royal sites. In return, the govt makes consessions to the royal family and provides money for maintenance.

All you need to know about British royalty is that the Sex Pistols railed against it, but John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) gave a heartfelt tribute to the queen.

Full disclosure, I have an autograph and photo from Mr. Lydon on my office wall right now, because my wife worked on a movie with him.

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