Spencer Rattler

I know it’s early to start speculating…

Would anyone here want him to play for Houston if he does decide to transfer?

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No thanks.


No .

He is a redshirt sophomore chronologically, but would be a redshirt freshman since last year didn’t count. If he were to go in the portal, and if CDH wants him, then yeah I would take him. But, if Tune returns, we have a QB for next year and he would be fighting for the backup spot which I also think will be taken by Kopp.

But, you never know how things will turn out and who CDH will bring in this recruiting season. I just don’t know how he would fit or whether or not our coaches would want him. But, I am really ambivalent about him coming. I guess I worry about how he would fit in the locker room.

I would rather a guy buried in a depth chart looking for a chance than one who had it elsewhere and didn’t measure up. I want another Joe Burrow – like every coach in America.


I hear from a sports analyst that he has a very large ego. That could be a problem in the locker room when it’s all about you.


Ya, Rattler was the star of a TV show called “Qb1” while he was in high school.

He didn’t earn very many fans.


I don’t see any Coog player with that issue, and I like that. No one acts above anyone else. Doesn’t seem anyone is looking for the sole spotlight.


Yeah here is a clip… I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 ft pole. This is toxic to a locker room


Hard pass.

Even if there were no other concerns, his game isn’t a good fit for ours.

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i love the tides of college football…
less than a month ago he wsa the heisman favorite and seen as a lock for a top 10 nfl draft pick

a month later a team forum where qb depth is major complaint the majortiy of the posters are saying hard pass if he transfers

with that said he is a former top 10 5star, who is 15-2 as a starter, if he hinted that he wanted to come here we would recruit him


eh its TV and someone has to play the heel.

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He’s talented but I dont think his play style fits Dana’s offense.

Interesting to see if he goes pro or transfers elsewhere.

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Not all 5 stars are 5 stars. A lot of times really good teams make QBs look really good and some parents buy their stars. If he wants to come to UH, okay but we’ll have our eyes on him.

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Meh…Rattler to Miami ?


Makes sense.

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The show was about him… usually they don’t make the main character the heel. And having watched the show the only other qb that really came off like a jerk like this was Tate Martell… and turns out thats exactly what he was



As it should be.

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He just hasn’t shown himself to be very good. However many stars he HAD, he hasn’t shown any growth this year - quite the opposite, actually.

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I don’t see how we would have a chance, but of course if ur wants to come here you take him no hesitation.

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