Their about to talk about UH basketball.
EDIT: Nvm, I saw a headline that said “New no.1” with a picture of Marcus Sasser but nothing so far. Time to get some sleep.

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On FS1, after the Baylor game, they pretty much said we haven’t played anyone.

They just highlighted our game tonight on SC. Pretty sweet. Being no. 1 has that perk I guess. As for " We haven’t played anyone"…I think it’s a culmination of beating Illinois, Arizona and being a few points from returning to the final four last season and returning a lot of those pieces. Just because our schedule hasn’t hit the true “speed bumps” yet, doesn’t mean that we aren’t that caliber of a team.


I wouldn’t sweat it. Saint Mary’s is a well respected school, we’ve got them this weekend. Then Bama the following week as a potential top 10 opponent and top 5 Virginia the week after that.


On ESPN, they had to bring up Jimmy V, must be trying to jinx us in our next game.

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Really it’s that damn James Naismith that’s throwing shade on us.

And only playing lower seeded teams.

But anyway, did you know Grimes was a Kansas transfer? He ended up being good friends with Marcus Jones who played at SMU.