Spread for SMU game

24 points. No way I take that

Always tough to play a team on the road that’s had a week off to prepare.

Coogs will win, but it may be closer than folks think.

That win over Tulsa was WAY closer than I predicted. i thought we would come out angry after that loss to Navy and curb stomp Tulsa. Boy was I wrong! But CTH referenced a stat in his post-game presser that said teams are something like 1-11 the week after playing Navy. That makes sense in light of having to completely switch defensive schemes for a week. Just glad we pulled that one out and didn’t get dropped in the polls for looking less than stellar doing it.

Our defense is banged up and looks tired. The difference between SMU and Tulsa is that Tulsa’s QB is actually pretty good. SMU’s QB (former UH commit Ben Hicks) has been pretty terrible this year and we should be able to get to him much better than we did Evans. However, SMU’s secondary has been ball-hawking on the level of the former Jack Boyz this year, so Greg is going to have to be extra careful this week.

My prediction is, if we come out at least neutral on turnovers, we’ll cover. We desperately need to get to our bye week to heal up and get some rest.

That is a huge change playing Navy one week and Tulsa the next. Pretty much the opposite offenses. SMU is just a weaker version of Tulsa so there shouldn’t be any issues. Anything can happen in college football, but I think we kill them. Herman will play up the state rivalry too which will get the players more into it.

Okay if teams are 1-11 after playing Navy due to their triple option attack, well UH has to play Louisville 5 days after the Tulane triple option O.

Do not laugh at Tulane, they have been solid losing to Wake Forest 7-3 and Navy 21-14. Crazy season, Florida St beat Wake Forest 17-6.

UH cannot be looking ahead but last weeks UCF-Tulane game being moved to the week before the UH game now keeps Tulane from having 2 weeks to prepare for UH.

Will be in Dallas this weekend to visit the State Fair, take the wife shopping and watch UH play SMU, My first visit to Ford Stadium.

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SMU took Tulsa to OT on the road. TU had a lot of penalties in that game but I don’t think we cover this week. Hope I’m wrong but Chad Morris is looking for a signature win.

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I like UH to win but I would take SMU plus the points as long as it stays above 16.

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