Spring Ball schedule announced (Spring Game Finally?)

Looks like they are starting practice next week. says spring game April 7th. I know Dana has been against them in the past, I wonder if thats just how they are branding the “open practice” this year, or if going into the big 12 Dana is deciding its worth the effort to stir up some fan excitement.

“The Cougars will practice 15 times over 34 days with five days off for the University’s spring break (March 13-17). The squad wraps the schedule by holding the Houston Football Spring Game in front of fans at TDECU Stadium at 6:30 p.m. Friday, April 7. Admission is free and gates will open at 6 p.m.”


The spring game has been posted on fbschedules for a week now maybe. I noticed all the Big12 schools have a spring game scheduled. Not sure if the conference mandates it or what.

It will just be a glorified practice with some plays, Holgorsen doesn’t like or believe in a spring scrimmage

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Sad. It would get the fan base hyped for the upcoming season.

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Do you know that for a fact? I know thats what has happened in the past, but that had been referred to as an open spring practice, or I think they called it night under the lights or something one year. This specifically says spring game.

After reading Coogfans very, very doubtful


Just basing it on his past statements he doesn’t believe in a spring scrimmage, there maybe something or someone that forces him into a true scrimmage situation, not sure, thats why it was called something different because it wasn’t a true scrimmage

I noticed that McCaskill is listed as a junior instead of a redshirt sophomore. I also noticed a couple others I thought would be redshirt sophomores are listed as juniors. Is this because they are actually juniors academically or do you think it’s because they are expected to leave for the NFL after this year?

Speak for yourself, Butch!!! We can get familiar with the new players and not wait until the season starts :disappointed_relieved:

Coach buzzkill will do all he can so there are little to no expectations going into next season. He can’t have that placed on the team.

Lol I only speak for myself Progs. This is a board for various opinions and nothing else.
But after the season we just had it is my opinion that Spring practices are going to do little to nothing to enhance fan support.
Just start the season off winning with an exciting new quarterback and a disciplined defense ready to prove last year was a fluke and start off winning and attendance will take care of itself. I hope

I agree to disagree!!! Especially coming from a disappointing season, 80% of the fans have no faith in Holgy right now. Some see him as a lame duck coach because his buyout is too high right now.

Having a Spring game will help us fans indentified who the new good players coach has brought in. Build some hype towards the season if you’re not going to do it on social media. That’s how you gain new fans besides winning which is lacking right now.

A lot of the fans want a spring game like the big schools who do well do. That’s the level we want UH to reach one day and the fan base to keep on growing going into the B12.

I will say, I do enjoy watching the 1 on 1s and other drills that we have seen in the past springs. I just wish that when they moved to team periods there was a little more fan fare. Get an announcer, keep score, etc. The classic spring game is good too, I just want something entertaining to watch.

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Spring games, even under Yeoman have never been well attended.
Over the years I have seen many Spring practices and games but have never really noticed the hype even when he had great teams back in the day.
I have seen key players get hurt.
There is no arguing that this is a key year for Dana and the Cougars. But let the man do it his way because in the long run he will be held responsible

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Tell that to Alton McCaskill last year :roll_eyes:

I too have seen many key players get hurt in a spring game over my many years of fandom.Then they try to play hurt the rest of the year. I hold my breath every time we have one of those, hoping that there are no injuries.

Go Beau,
Go Coogs !


This is why I prefer the controlled scrimmage as apposed to full spring games.

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It’s overrated now - I rather touch football honestly as it’s a bad way to lose a key player

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Just remembered that (arguably our best player) Alton got hurt on a non contact practice drill and he missed the whole year.

The risk of getting injured doesn’t go way higher in a controlled environment like Spring Practice.

The QB’s don’t even get hit.

And i’m sure they do private scrimmages anyways. So why not do one for the fans like a fan fest event.

No different than a preseason NFL game.

Get the buzz in the air going. Just look at the lack of ticket sales in the last few years at UH. If you want your football program to be among the best you have to give the students the best experience they can get.

We can’t even get the students to go to real games and you want them to come out to a meaningless scrimmage?
Good luck with that.
If we want to get people excited then have a winning record and be ranked going into next year.

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