Spring Game?

I’m hearing we may actually have one.


It would be another red flag for Dana if we didn’t.

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how did scrimmage go friday night?

I wasn’t there for that one.

There is another open practice and scrimmage this Friday the 23rd at the stadium.

Which may become the spring game.

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We didn’t have the linemen for a Spring game when Dana got here. Thanks Applewhite/Herman

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That would be great

My understanding is that the open practice on Friday the 23rd will be the default spring game.

Dang it. I think it’s supposed to rain again this Friday. Hope I’m wrong.

I saw that too. Derek said they ended up at the stadium and it didn’t even rain, just misted a bit :neutral_face:

Yes, just what the doctor ordered…

Only spring game I attended was during Levines last year as HC, I remember walking out of there preparing myself for the clown show that would ensue… don’t think I’ll ever go to one again to save me the gray hairs of anxiety :joy:

Any one knows if the scrimmage today is still on

Yes, they just posted on Facebook. Starts at 6.

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Unfortunately won’t be there, can some of those who do give us a run down on how we look?

I’m thinking about heading out there…

Anyone else going?

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Thanks heading out there !

Here at TDECU, no rain

Lucky, maybe they’ll get it in. Forecast is terrible for later tonight and Houston warning system has warned against tornados and heavy thunderstorms.

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