Spring Game?

Yep, after I heard of the tornado watches, I decided not to go.

Does anyone have any reports on how things went?

@Twinmom any report on the Spring Scrimmage would be appreciated

From what I could tell, and I had to ask my husband because I was concentrating on Derek, defense looked great. Clayton thew very well and was quite accurate as did Massoud. He got the most reps as backup. Some good catches by Dell but a lot of dropped passes in general.RBs looked good especially Car. Special teams looked good, but our backup kickers couldn’t hit the goalpost. Entire team looked like they were having a blast, lots of competitive fun. Some of the players I have not learned yet, and they did offer a roster list to look at for each fan. Some things to work on but they seem to be gelling well. Hope that answers some questions.


Thank you ma’am!

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From what Derek has been saying, they have really been working on fixing issues from last season. Working on depth and working on not making stupid, senseless mistakes. That’s what coaches have really focused on.


Thanks Twinmom!

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We have a lot of interesting choices at Back but i really hope it’s Car’s year


He looked really impressive. Another thing everyone seemed to notice was all the players have really bulked up. Parents were discussing the strength training this year and how it has transformed the kids.


Dana had me when he said “our offensive linemen look like linemen now” That bulk has to help the running game.


Disclaimer, am naturally bad at this stuff, focused more on offense.

  1. It wasn’t a spring game, rather sets of scrimmages from the 25 yard line ( red zone offense)
  2. Defense verses offense. Tune (3) verses Mutin (3) as captains.
  3. Initially CDH rotated all the QBs, Tune, Kopp, Ike, Massoud. All QBs huddled.
  4. Early on starting defense pretty much stuffed the offense . Either that starting DL is legit or offense continues to be anaemic.
  5. Tune threw 3 nice TD passes to Singleton, against a backup CB and a freshman CB ( Stroops). Ball placement was very nice.
  6. Mulbar Car had a couple of TD runs against second team defense. OL opened up some wide lanes for him
  7. Backup kicker (Baxa) has a rough day inside the 25 yard line . Two clanged off the up right, two wide right. No bueno.
  8. Starting PK ( Witherspoon) was automatic.
  9. Mutin and Derek are thumpers. They love to hit.
  10. Tune’s performance was a par for the course, not bad, not spectacular. No TO.
  11. Kopp had good command of the pocket. He overthrew receivers in the end zone.
  12. Massoud impressed me most. The kid is confident , fast decision making, fast release. He has IT, team gravitates towards him.He had a fantastic TD pass and would have had a second one, except Dell dropped it. He also had a interception returned for a TD, but I would chalk that up to communication with the receiver (Dell). Tune’s experience makes him the starting QB, but Massoud, to me needs to get significant reps in the summer.
  13. Singleton was clearly best WR out there. Dell and Bryson were targeted most but you could say most balls were overthrown out of bounds.
  14. Energetic team , clearly enjoyed themselves out there.

Thanks. Any TE action?

May have missed TE action ; though I noticed Creamer and Trahan being rotated in and out.

Great write up Tom. Much appreciated.


You definitely covered it all!

Thanks Tom!

Glad to hear about Massoud. He’s the one I want to see most this year.

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He’s been under the system for more than a year. Can’t wait what he brings to the table if Tune falters for any reason. Excited!

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That freshman LT has some work to do.

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Tom nailed it. Two things I would add…

  1. There was a noticeable drop-off in talent between the ones and twos in the trenches. Quality depth will continue to be a problem on the OL and DL. If our Coogs get hit by injuries on the OL or DL, we are in trouble.

  2. I would roll with Massoud at QB. He has athleticism and he gets the ball out of his hands. No happy feet from him. He has a flow to his game…he can move around and sling it.

On the positive side, if our WRs can catch consistently, we’ll be good on the perimeter. They have some quickness and speed…the WRs can get downfield. Too many drops. Mulbah Car is a tough DUDE. He can take a lick and lower his shoulder and dish them out.

Go Coogs. Peace.


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