Spring Game

All the buzz about the game has me all jacked up .


Where ?

Him, in front of the mirror.

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Quiet as a mouse on the football front… I would go but looks like rain will cancel it.

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I wish they hadn’t planned it for good Friday :confused:


630 Friday

Plan on meeting up with the Wijays on Friday


I’ll be in Branson Missouri for Easter.


UH is missing a golden opportunity to begin the buildup of joining the B12 by not having the Spring game broadcast. According to Heartland College Sports, this is the broadcast plan for the B12 teams:

Baylor - ESPN+
Central Florida - TBD
Cincinnati - N/A
Houston - N/A
Iowa St. - N/A
Kansas - N/A
Kansas St. - N/A
Oklahoma - ESPN+
Oklahoma St. - N/A
Texas - LHN
Texas Tech - ESPN+
West Virginia - TBD


My weather app showing 90% rain chance on Friday. lol

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Marshall and Georgia Southern yes Georgia Southern are also on ESPN+. We’re either big time or we’re not. We’re either Power 5 or we’re not. Why isn’t this televised? G5 mindset. Our athletic department continues to ignore alumni that don’t live in Texas. We exist.


Money. Plain and simple. Why havent even gotten our first paycheck as a P5 and y’all already cashing those checks.

In the future we may broadcast, once we’re settled. I dunno. :unamused:

This is the conundrum at UH. You can’t just snap your finger now that UH is in a P5 and start spending like a P5. It will take years, especially since UH will receive partial shares of B12 payouts initially, to catch up. The only way to speed up the process is to increase donations; the best way to speed up donations is to win on the field

Only 5 of 14 are televising and two of those are leaving. So I guess the conference is not p5?

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YEP…and 2 of the 5 already have their own tv networks…BYU and whorn.

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Can’t we rent out the XFL cameras and crew to get it on TV? Did we even think about that? Seems like an easy call to me.

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And you’ll need a crew to operate the cameras. Not easy

Kris and Andy discussed in podcast the lack of advertising of any sort for the game.

Small time.

How many people come to our spring game, a few thousand maybe? Why would they want to televise it, the tv draw not there, now if we had 30K fans at spring games maybe a different story, but alas we can hardly draw 30K at a regular game

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