Spring Sports No spectators

Sorry…I realize that this is not the proper category, but just wanted to get this out to more viewers. Looks like no spectators for BB or other Spring Sports.

No fans is complete BS. Sure helps to be a revenue sport like BB (indoors) and FB. Sucks for all the family and friends of the players. And for other spring sports athletes and support as well. Sorry Mr. Pezman and Administration…y’all are screwing the pooch on this one.

I realize costs of admitting fans could be an issue, but announce ahead of time…no concessions, etc. There should be some way to make this work.


Baseball used to bring in lots of revenue.


Its outside?

And it probably would have brought in even more this year…fans are starved for sports. Throw in the 3 home games against Texas and the single game against A&M…it could have been a nice little windfall…even with reduced attendance.


Even vaccinated fans?

The Astros just announced they are allowing fans in

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We allow fans in an enclosed arena but we wont let fans into an outdoor stadium?



Dangnabit this is Texas manipulating this. For the first time in forever they are coming to UH and they don’t want anyone to see them lose.


This really blows! I guess spring sports aren’t as important as fall sports is what this is showing…

Speaking of – is there anyway the Admin/Mods can create subject for Baseball. I’ve looked n I don’t see it anymore. I follow Basketball n Baseball more closely than Football. At least will be able to watch all baseball Home gms on ESPN+ per JD- Chron.

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Yep - and lots of other things too: theater, for example!

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It’s buried at the bottom. We’ve asked numerous times to move it back to where it was to no avail. Come on Mods, this shouldn’t be this difficult of a request


You can sit INSIDE during fall/winter, the worst time of year for a pandemic but can’t sit outside during spring…BRILLIANT…what idiot came up with this ?


I think this is what it is, saving money up front. They probably would like baseball attendance but didn’t want to single it out from other spring sports where covid protocols would cost more than ticket sales bring in.

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All outdoor sports should have limited seating at worst. Boost the prices for the 3 Texas and single Aggie game to help make up the shortages.

I am no lawyer, but it seems that they could possibly run into issues by deeming outdoor sports risky, but at the same time sold tickets for an indoor sport. If a COVID case could be linked back to BB, there could be some repercussions.


I do not recall at all a request for this. I am happy to do it. Doing it now.


What happened last year with baseball attendance?

Baseball is now the 4th category.


No. But I’ll admit it makes no sense in my mind.

I hope they get most of these games on ESPN+.


From the BB release…

Fans can catch Houston Baseball games on ESPN+. Additional broadcast information will be forthcoming.

Hopefully for most, if not all games.

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