Stadium Attendance Projection?

What do you think the average attendance at TDECU will be this year, as we go into the most anticipated season since its opening? ( 2014 - 28,311 ) ( 2015 - 33,979)

OU* (NRG) - 70,873

Lamar - 34,673
UCONN - 37,459
Tulsa- 34,569
UCF- 36,211
Tulane (HC) - 35,388
Louisville- 39,792

2016 (TDECU) AVG* - 36,348

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I think you are pretty close on that. I was thinking 37,000. One thing I will say is if we start off 3-0 it will be closer to 40K.


Would agree with you there. If we start off 4-0 or 3-1, I would say the attendance will catch on a lot faster this year compared to last increasing my projection a little. Hoping for good weather and good record. Should have the cage rocking this year!

win the first game and we will be th hottest ticket in town…maybe only Lamar is below 35.
go 3-0. and every game will be at 40k plus standing room only thereafter

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Unless we tank this year, I don’t see any way we don’t sell out the Louisville game. We had an over-capacity 42,159 for Memphis last year. Unless you’re talking actual attendance vs. tickets sold.

All attendance here. But I am figuring that Louisville will have 3 loses having played FSU and Clemson + another (I hope I’m wrong and that they are undefeated when we beat them). I would love to see more but I don’t think that Louisville will be anywhere near a top 20 team by the time we play them. 39k is pretty good based off past years showings.

Beat OU and the first three home games probably sell out.

Lose to OU and probably close to the 32-33k mark.

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How has Thursday affected us traditionally? They are great for national exposure, and they give me an excuse to take Friday off, so all good for me, but I know there will be some people who can’t make it because they work out of town and work on Fridays, plus non-season ticket holders may not be as willing to buy tickets if they can’t “make a day of it” like a Saturday game.

I am sure if we are undefeated it will not make a massive difference, probably none when Louisville comes around - if we are still undefeated, every seat will be sold, people selling them last minute online will sell them, and sell them for a lot, but I think you may be optimistic for UConn, on Thursday, for a game not expected to be competitive (Assuming we beat OU and UConn looks like they did last year).

I think Lamar will pull 35.5K, UConn just under 34K attended, but with ~800 more sold than attended the largest unused sold tickets of the year. Tulane will hit 37K, because of homecoming. Others I agree with C15.

UConn will look better than they did last year, but so will we.

I would agree, UCONN could be a bit optimist. However, I am hoping for a full out marketing blitz on all fronts for the UCONN game (UH and ESPN). Hopefully we are sitting at 4-0, just played 2 away games and ESPN strumming it up the whole week with us being in top 10 and going after the whole revenge factor.

Actual versus tickets sold.

Lamar 28k with less than 20k after halftime. Houston heat and humidity will win this one and maybe CTH no HY will learn 11 am starts in September against a no one is a bad idea.

UConn, 32k.

Tulsa 34k, regionally a better game than UConn.

UCF 34k

35k if the weather is nice for HC.

Assuming UH is having a dream season again. 38k for Louisville.

I see my original numbers going up :grin: , still on this weekend’s high

How much say do we actually have in setting game times? I’m assuming since it’s on ESPN3, that ESPN sets the game time, right?

Just hoping that our remaining TBDs are now pushed to 7:00 PM

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We would make attendance projections. We are so Coog we don’t even know it! HA love it! GoCoogs!

No reason why every home game shouldn’t be a sold out. No excuses.

If you want to keep Herman, every game should sell out. If every game does not sellout, then why keep football and Herman? Our school is top 10, when will the fan base be top 25? This board has silly attendance threads, silly expansion ideas for the stadium, complain about radio/media coverage!!! Recruit a 5 star player and then don’t show up to support him and the rest of the team. What did this team just go through this summer? Coach brings in talent and the best this board can predict is one sellout! 100k people show up in Austin to watch an unranked team play ND.


Exactly Rich. We’re not talking about 60k. We only need 40k to sell out TDECU.

I see a problem being conjured out of thin air where none exists. We’re on track to sell out. If we gave our students their 2500 seats back, we’d already be sold out.

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