Stadium Seating Count

Back in the Tulsa Ticket Count thread, we were working on trying to find out how many seats were available. Thanks to @TheMandell who did the 200’s. I was able to count the other sections, except for the GA West side. I also didn’t include the student sections or suites since I can’t see the seating charts:

Here’s what I came up with:

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Good job. Those are almost exactly the same numbers I got. Here are the differences (mine vs yours):

116 (335 vs 331)
307 (696 vs 722)
308 (759 vs 755)
309 (700 vs 722)
325 (390 vs 393)

Net: Pray +43
Note: I went directly to Ticketmaster for the Tulane chart. I did not go through

Suites are 416 (26 suites x 16 seats)
Loge Boxes are 168 (42 boxes x 4 seats)
Press box seats 70 (per stadium page)
I have no idea how many stadium workers are present each game, or whether they are counted in stadium capacity.

We know that there are approximately 5,000 seats in the student section, and that’s what I assume. They are close to the mirror image of Sections 118 to 126, which contain 4825.

From my original count, there are approximately 4,000 seats in the 200 level GA end zones (2500 in the East, 1500 in the West).

What I don’t see on any seating chart are the handicapped seats.

All told, I get 39,954

which does not include handicapped seating and stadium workers, broken down as follows:

Lower Bowl: 16,669 including 5,000 student seats and 766 club seats
Suites, Loge Boxes, Suite Decks, Party Decks: 904
Press Box: 70

North 200s: 4180
East 200s (GA): 2500
West 200s (GA): 1500

North 300s: 4180 (Pray got 4183)
South 300s: 9951 (Pray got 10,007)

Using your numbers with the same assumptions on the student section (5000), and end zone GA sections (4000), we get 39,997 before handicapped seating and stadium workers.

Note: I also did not include players/coaches etc.

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I sit on West pavalion. Only 2 empty seats. Rest are season tickets and none of us ever miss a game.

Recounted those sections and your count on all 5 was correct.

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Thanks Pray.

So we are in agreement. Almost exactly 40,000 seats, maybe a couple hundred more.

Certainly not 42,000 seats as some continue to suggest.


Not sure we’ll be expanding to 60K anytime soon, but . . .

If we make the North 300s as big as the South 300s, that only adds 6,000 seats. To get to 60,000, it’s clear that the North 300s will need to be substantially bigger than the South 300s.

By the way, the North 300s are 13 rows, and the South 300s are 26 rows. If we:

Add 13 rows to the North 300s, it adds about 4500 seats.
Add 26 rows above the East EZ 200s, it adds about 5200 seats.

So if we had a 300 level that was 26 rows high on 3 sides (leaving the West EZ as is), we are looking at approximately 50K seats. IMO this is all we would ever need if we are never to be in a conference with UT or A&M.

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If someone wants to point out no-shows, make sure you take a picture of the same seats in the middle of the second and third quarters. That will eliminate excuses of late arrivals, early leaving and people at concessions.

It’s going to look silly when they announce 38k and the stadium is 25% empty for the entire game.

Will we be surprised?

It’s Houston. The bandwagon fans have jumped off for now. We know that going into it. Not the end of the world. We also know announced attendance is a couple thousand off each week.

No reason to harp on attendance. Nothing new is going to happen. This will be an issue every season.