Staff leaving after a year

I’ve seen recently on Twitter we’ve lost 4 or 5 staff members in the football department in media and administration this past 2 months. Are we not providing a good salary or environment? We’ve changed media people all the time one of them became AD of Media at ATM which i think he was AD here.

That all depends on why they are leaving. If they leaving for promotions, better pay, or family. That’s life sometimes it happens. If they are leaving for lateral moves, being canned, or just leaving with nothing else lined up for no reason. I’d be more concerned about the work environment.

Mostly it’s for money. For example, Justin Johnson was making $150,000 here and took the same job at Baylor for $400,000 . It will always be like that in the world of a G5. I do hear that money wasn’t the problem with Tyrone Carrier


Some about money – some not … very volatile situation.

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I think a year of covid and stuff revealed a lot of real priorities to people, and everyone is rethinking things about their lives. Lots of churn all over right now.

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Just like in all types of work.

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In that business, you have to move out to move up

ain’t no shortage of folks wanting to work in Houston but working for a particular coach is a different animal as if he feels the heat you know your job is pretty much gone even if your not coaching and he brought you in

Yeah, don’t bring this up when it comes to Tom Herman, he QUIT on the team and is a LIAR. NO one should lie :grin::joy::joy:

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I believe it has been 3. Of those three I believe they all got better paying jobs or advancement elsewhere. It’s no different from them leaving their prior position to come here. I’ve heard that it was just purely coincidental and nothing more that they all departed close together

Interesting points. The one point that I will bring on constantly is about marketing or our lack of marketing “selling” our program. Just take a moment and think about this. Do you know other programs like ours that have had difficulties bringing in fans? Yes there are some for sure. Now look at the investments that we have made with new or updated facilities. Does our marketing program efforts to “sell” our sports programs match the investments in these facilities?
This is where the UH brass ought to have a heart to heart conversation, debate, study on radically improve their "sales pitch’ approach.