Standing Still? Offense Against Temple?

Could be CKS is still in the lab tinkering with this offense, kind of the same funk Kansas got into last
year before they went on a run and won it all. But our shooting was bad, and when teams can foul at will knowing we will not make but 50%, that is an easy option to foul. Desperate times call for desperate measures, would our best shooter and FT shooter ever see the floor, RE.

RE… my son ( who watched vs nova live ) always asks me why we don’t give RE a chance when nobody else can hit shots … he hits 1 vs nova , we might be defending a title this year … :+1:

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Probably because of his defense


RE getting meaningful minutes??? come on

RE only if we are desperate. Shooting was a problem as were FT’s, we can work around the defense.

He also did not have Tramon as an off. option at that point!

The problem wasnt that people werent moving, its that the ball wasnt moving unless someone was dribbling.

Interested comment made during the game, Temple seemed to be running an offense while Houston was not. What were we running?

Their length on the perimeter hurt us. Hats off to them - good D game plan

Not sure it was Temple or just our inept shooting.

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A lot of our shots were of the in and out variety, just like with Villanova. That’s hard cheese.

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I don’t mean meaningful minutes … but say vs nova , after we are 0/18, give him a minute or two , run a play or two for him …desperate times calls for desperate measures … lol , just having fun … Go Coogs !!