Starting The Students Only Game. Thoughts?

How would y’all feel about this? Organize and mobilize a students only game. Sometime in the Spring. Maybe after the court gets turned.

A donation/forwarding system would work.

Texas MBB is doing one Monday.

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Exhibition game, right?

Aren’t all the players on the team "students "?

Am I missing something?

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Spectators are only students if 7k tix can be given out/donated

And UT is playing Sam Houston on Monday as if anyone cares. And it’s November.

I’m sure the deep pocket UH basketball supporters and season ticket holders will be good with this during the conference home schedule.


Wait, you want everyone to donate their seats to students? To an actual conference game?

I would do it if the students can pry my cold, dead hands off the tickets.


Wow, Charlton! Didn’t know you had your corpse at FC.

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Lol…we can’t even get our crowd to unify and wear the same color shirt.

This is asking us to successfully divide by zero.


We don’t usually have official and/or conference games in April or May. Original post did say “Spring” so I’m assuming after we either win the Nati or our season is over.
Also, if we “turn the court around”, do we also move the benches to the other side? My guess is all those “fans” so concerned about the location of the team members, also. I’m sure those that want to sit home and watch on TV will also want to have a view of the bench during the games. How does turning the court around benefit the paying fans? Does it keep the BMD’s from being happy? Simple solutions to what is not a problem reminds me of a great statement about government . . . . if it’s not broke, fix it till it is . . . . .

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Hey hey, at least it isn’t infinity by 0.

I agree with Milluns. No way am I giving up my seats. The students have a lot of oppurtunities to attend the games if they want too.
Nice ideea, but no way.


Love your enthusiasm Strake. Keep your ideas flowing. That’s how some good things evolve. Glad that you’re here buddy.


Not only no, but HELL NO!!! If the Coogs are playing, I am there — unless I have something more important to do… Like being DEAD!


I’d be down, don’t mind sharing for one game, better not be Memphis though lol


After the Court gets turned?

I have no idea what that means.

It’s being held in Gregory Gym not Erwin. Gregory holds 4000.

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Yeah what OP suggested is way different than what Texas is doing and wouldn’t work for many reasons. If we did something like play a buy game next year OOC and played it in the Rec center with the only tickets for students through a lottery where you got points based on attendance at other games maybe that’s something to run up the flag pole.


Yeah, sorry, no chance. I would have done it for the Montana Tech game perhaps, or Our Lady of the Lake last year.


Creative idea, but no thank you.

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