State of UH Football

High Expectations are now low expectations. I think we are improved but I don’t like the idea that in the 4th quarter we fold like a 2 bit ho. That is coaching and conditioning. We are spending enough money on coaches that this should NO be a problem. I do think we have brought in some talent, obviously not enough but no matter what this turns out to be, next year is do or die. We have higher expectations. Thank God for Sampson and Burrell.


Conditioning is definitely a problem, we seem to be out of shape, that’s on the players and the coaches.

At years’s end we’ll be at around .500 football over a 4 year span. It’s been a bummer to watch. Then when I step back and look at it, it’s even a bigger bummer.


I don’t know what the fix is but it’s pretty bad and ugly.

We seem very undisciplined and unfocused.

We tend to over react with every win and every loss. This team is better than last year’s team but we are not a championship team yet. Is Dana the guy? Don’t know yet.

What I do think that is missing is some leadership. Kenneth Farrow would not have allowed players to quit on tackles, short arm catches and do stupid things on special teams.

This team has talent but there are a few ingredients missing to make it a gourmet dish.


There are two reaction types by the pitchfork and torch crowd here on Coogfans:

We win: this team is headed in the right direction! I like what Dana is building!

We lose: how much are we paying him? He isn’t good. We shouldn’t have hired him!

Lol can’t have it both ways folks. Do better.


Dana is like Tune, I want to believe, I think they are the answer, but they have incomplete for the course so far.


I’m afraid half of the fan based are okay with mediocrity on the field. And it shows in the comments & attitude.

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Preach it brother Smith.

It’s okay to be supportive of the team but when does it become about the wins and losses and who takes all the blame or is it given evenly throughout the team including coaches.

That’s why we follow sports as fans, not everyone is a player -parent in here.

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Houston just has very little talent and that’s why they are not able to compete at this point in time. But what I am mad about is that the coach can’t discipline them enough in practice to run a clean offense and a sound defense. Navy doesn’t get talent but man can they sure run they’re stuff they actually don’t even get close to the talent as UH which isn’t saying much at all but it’s all on the coaches getting them prepared smh. I also wouldn’t want to play for a guy like Holgerson he is not a players coach and is very direct with them and they don’t really have any leaders in the locker room the culture isn’t there with Holgerson and that’s why you could see they’re was no passion or enthusiasm on the sidelines and definitely not anyone in that game they call football.


I must admit I having a growing concern. If it fails, I hope we never hire a coach named Dana again.

I kept saying this for a while.

I’m seeing more posters about our talent level and is concerning. I also don’t like how we’re always missing half of the starters from week to week.

Now I see why D’Eriq left on his last year as a college QB… He saw the writing on the wall with this train wreck. :train2:


The white flag has gone up it’s over this year.

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Next year’s ticket sales will be tough.

Then people are like we need to fill up the stands i’m not going to waste my time anymore watching that mess

When Herman left for Texas I remember so many people on this board claiming we were a plug and play program. In other words, we would simply hire any coach and keep the ball rolling. Reality check. We’re not Alabama. It takes an innovative offensive-minded coach to win UH. Look at what Dykes is doing at SMU. His offense is much more diverse. Lots of misdirection and two-back sets to keep the defenses guessing. He uses up-tempo to take advantage of the personnel on the field, similar to how we did on your Briles, Sumlin, and Herman. Sadly I don’t see this style of offense as innovative, and I certainly don’t see it being successful at UH, regardless of the talent. Not once yesterday did we go up-tempo. Not once did I see a two-back set. Yep, talent will help, but this offense is way too vanilla to consistently win at UH.

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That is a really good idea we could do that but I just don’t think we have the players.

Where are the De’Marcus Ayers types at???

half the guys don’t even want to be out there

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Has Dana lost the locker room?