State of UH Football

Bring back Gibbs and the Jackboyz!!!

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saban isn’t a players coach either…soo that’s not necessarily an issue

If they don’t want to play for CDH then broom those guys out. Easy.

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The state of UH football?
Six non P5 schools are ranked. We’re not one of them.
Another six non P5 schools are receiving votes. We aren’t one of them.
Not only are we not a top 25 team, we might not be a top 25 Non P5 team


That about sums it up.

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That is a bold statement. Please support your post with an explanation.

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I have a feeling we are going to see some kids transfer out after the season ends. CDH has lost this team. Just my own observation and opinion based on the effort, or lack thereof, that I witnessed yesterday. Still rooting for my alma mater…win, lose, or blow out. I see one more W vs USF. After that, I don’t see another one. Go Coogs! Peace.

UCF is a much better team then some of y’all realize or are willing to acknowledge. Yes, they have lost a couple of games this year but by seasons end I have no doubt that they will be considered one of the best teams in conference. I won’t be surprised if they end up beating Cincinnati. UCF can beat just about anyone when they are playing their best ball. Their offense has put up 40-50 points on just about everyone. To go from playing Navy and their triple option attack last week to game planning for this UCF offense that snaps the ball every 10 seconds like a bunch of clowns was a tall task to expect from our defense.

This year, we have played three conference games: Tulane, Navy and UCF. We have won 2 out of the 3 and the 2 we have won weren’t exactly close either. Last year, we lost to all 3 of these teams. So anyone spilling that nonsense that this team and coaching staff isn’t improving from year 1 to year 2 isn’t being logical.

Some of y’all are so delusional. Every game we have been favored in we have won. Every game we were not favored in we have lost yet when the result turns out to be exactly what the experts predicted some of y’all run around on here like hell has frozen over and we just lost to Kansas. Losing to a very good undefeated BYU team or UCF is not the end of the world for where we’re at in year two under Dana.

Give me one good reason why Houston can’t beat SMU, Tulsa, and Memphis and be the best team in the west this year? Memphis was outclassed by UCF until UCF gave them the game blowing a 35-14 lead.


Even good teams get their butt whipped from time to time. Not saying we’re good, but I’m not saying we’re not either. UCF played a good game and Lamar Jackson found out when he came to The Cage that preparation can beat any team.

I don’t think CDH has lost this team and I don’t think the state of UH football is terribly bad. CDH hinted earlier that this team was having issues getting into playing shape and were not prepared to play.

As much as we want to blame CDH and coaches, some of the responsibility goes to the players who are not working with a sense of urgency. It’s still early enough for everyone to get on the same page. Coogs take the win the weekend. Book it!


That was a good post Matt, but it doesn’t address my question to Bigcoog why he believes “half the guys don’t even want to be out there.”

The only game we’ll likely be picked to win the rest of the year is USF. So should we be satisfied when we lose 4 out of 5 because the experts said so?

I don’t know if he’s lost the team, but when the announcer who is a former player at the school says that the team quit at the end of the game, it is a reasonable question. Did they quit for the one game because they were frustrated or is it a bigger issue?

Because there are no divisions this year so the West doesn’t exist? :crazy_face:

Seriously because all 3 of those teams are better than UH. Two of them already beat UCF. The other is ranked. Can we win? Sure, but not likely. What have we shown that makes you think we win any of those games much less all 3?

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Did you wake up today and decide you wanted to act like a troll? Because according to you, despite us being a much better program than Tulsa and beating them last year, you sit here and pretend like we’d be lucky to beat them again this year despite our team being undeniably better than our team that beat them last year. Stop comparing everything off of how someone matched up against and played UCF. Tulsa just beat ECU by 4 points for crying out loud. SMU was taken to OT by Tulane. And Memphis couldn’t even beat SMU and would have been ran out the door by UCF and their 600 yard passing attack if they didn’t crap the bed at the end. Take your bad vibes somewhere else.

Tulsa has only lost 1 game this year to ranked Okie State. They held them to 16 points. They held UCF to 26 points. They’re receiving votes to be ranked. And yes they beat a team that we weren’t competitive against.

SMU is ranked. They’ve already won more games this year than we will all season. It is in Dallas.

Memphis couldn’t even beat SMU? Ranked SMU? What’s our record vs ranked teams? Memphis has only lost to teams currently ranked. Can we say the same? Should have beat UCF but crapped the bed at the end? Does it matter what the score is other than the end if the game? We were ahead of UCF at the end of 3. How did that work out?

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The worst part of Saturdays game is that it was just frustrating to watch. I personally feel and think this team has a lot of talent. It was incredibly frustrating to watch a game that felt like we were just out coached the entire time. I don’t know enough to make assumptions or sound any horns. But I think this team is struggling to find an identity.

I saw the game and what was very evident was that UCF is just a lot deeper coming from years of success. Period. If we are to have stability (like CDH wanting to be here long term) We need to be patient and give him the 3-4 years it takes most coaches. He is not under pressure to win and leave ASAP. Build it right.
Now, the stupi penalties that give the other team great field position, and a lack of hustle should lead to a lack of playing time, and if repeated, a chance to go somewhere else.

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I’m not sure they’re deeper. They were certainly more acclimated to the tempo they were running at. There was a bit of a culture shock on Saturday; the Coogs were unprepared for the volume of plays and ended up fading late in the game. They know they’ll have to practice harder to beat a team that wants to run 100 plays a game.

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I agree but man we have reached a funk offensively. The way the offense is playing now is a far cry from what we saw in the first game. I feel like ever since the second half of the BYU game, it hasn’t really been so smooth sailing. I’m not sure that I can even call it the air raid. It definitely isn’t the offense we saw Holgerson run in 2009. Then again, he put up a lot of points at WVU, so maybe it’s just the personnel.

Well, for one, there is no west this year, but we can still beat SMU, Tulsa, and Memphis. Heck, I’m looking at rebounding against Cincy and coming away with a win.

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