Statue to honor MLK


Well good thing it was only 10 million dollars


This was the inspiration, but I still don’t get it.


I like the detail on the hands & arms up to the shoulder and then it…well…just seems odd.

Seems like that’s a drone pic and taken from an angle people won’t usually see at least.

Some angles I like it. Others not so much.


Phallic component?
If based on above picture, perhaps sculptor is hinting at infidelity?
Definitely bizarre and an eyesore.

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Perhaps that is the point to reflect on.


I thought of that possibility…could be…or maybe the artist just didn’t think he was up to doing their heads/faces too and/or thought…‘if I leave them off people could also imagine any two people in an embrace’. I’d have much better liked it with heads…but that’s just me.

Not sure the artist intentions but your theory doe fit

Bizarre indeed that you see a “Phallic component”. Where exactly?

If you don’t see it then you don’t see it. Hence my use of the question mark.
As for the infidelity: “Amputated” limbs in an awkwardly angeled “embrace” do not inspire confidence in said relationship.


Some people have dirty minds. Its an interpretation, that is what art is.

If you put heads on it, it becomes just another traditional sculpture of 2 people.
World is full of those types of sculptures. This gives you a pause for thought.
And I like how it is open and the observer can interact with it by walking through it.

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Even in death and in sculpture the man inspires a response. Love it! To me art
that provokes an emotional response is hitting on at least one objective. I like how it
appears 3 legged as well.

Don’t care for it, but if they looked at the artist’s other work, they must have had some idea of what they were getting.



True and True…I also like the walk through it aspect. Reminds me of the Bean in Chicago.

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Did you like the middle leg?:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

It looks like dongs!!! Or some terrible turd. 10 million dollar waste. Artist should be banned, flayed, sent to Russia.

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From a certain angle, it looks like a mans head between a women’s legs

“South of the border, down Mexico way” (Sopranos reference)

Or maybe just forced to live with Yoko Ono, another noted artist.

Great insights too. The awkward angle embrace you see , could represent America’s difficult embrace of civil rights. Or as you suggest, the embrace between King and Correta, while close,
could still suggests some gaps or struggles between them. And the 3 elbows in support of the structure alludes to his role as a minister in Christianity ? Or too, two of the three elbows
are Corretas, meaning she was the main support of the man ?

But all good; some folks like artistry of jazz, bluegrass, or rock-n-roll. Thankfully not everyone
has the same tastes. How do like some of UH’s on campus artwork sculptures that require some