Stoops to TAMU…

Guy has won a lot all over CFB! Turned UK into a beast in SEC East!

Maybe he’s the right guy to turn an entitled program into one that can actually produce results!


I’m hearing it’s the Duke guy

All over texags- presser tomorrow. Mark stoops

What a disappointment to Aggies fans if true!


From the headline I assumed they would at least get BOB Stoops. :grimacing:

Good for you, Ags! :clap: Bless your hearts…


Former UH Co-Defensive Coord.

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Was this worth paying over 80 million in buyouts. Me think Jimbo’s firing, is ATM overreacting to Tsips joining the SEC.


It 100% is. They are doing all of this because ut is moving in.


Not an over reaction but definitely concerned that big brother is about to come and wreck shop!

UT Austin NIL dwarfs all sec programs including tamu’s.

Saban maybe 1 n done especially if sark sneaks into CFB Playoff in 2023 and rides into
Sec with arch in tow!

The UT Austin propaganda machine is on an all blitz come championship week! Can you imagine the hype if they sneak in with the natty in Houston in January?!? :eyes:


You sound excited


And the melt is commencing amongst all Ags, but especially on TexAgs

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I thought Elijah Robinson probably deserved more consideration…

Aggies won’t hire another black HC for awhile…

Maybe until Deion wants to return to Texas.

anytime Houston gets a chance to showcase the city it’s a good thing…

Same thing around the hype of having Kelvin and hoops at NRG for 3 straight months.

Then we ran into buzz saw in Miami…

Horns need too much to sneak into CFB Playoff

No, I was just saying that you sound excited about ut’s prospects for the rest of the season.

I can’t see Deion fitting in over there with those people.


Wow. If true talk about wasted opportunity. 70 some million and they hire stoops. The Aggie jokes write themselves. What a bunch of dumbasses.


At least it’s not Traylor. However has UK ever been to a NY6 Bowl?

Just got a report that Stoops is staying at UK

Not so fast…