Strength of Schedule

Based off our opponents records so far, we might be a better team than we’re giving credit for. Lets take a look;

Win 37-35 vs. UTSA (3-2 with losses to us and #21UT)
Loss 33-30 vs TTech (3-2 with losses to #16NCSt & #25 Kstate)
Definitive Loss 48-30 to Kansas (5-0 on an absolute tear)
Win 34-27 vs. Rice (3-2 with losses to us and a legit #14 USC)
Loss 27-24 vs. Tulane (4-1 with a fluke loss to USM)
Win 33-32 vs. Memphis (4-2 with losses to us and 4-1 Miss.St.)

On paper 3-3 looks mediocre, but when you consider that every single opponent we’ve faced so far has a winning record, and not only that, their losses are usually to ranked opponents, we might actually be a lot stronger than our 3-3 record suggests.


Interesting… the combined record of teams we have faced is 19-5 w/o us factored in and 22-8 overall. That is a marked improvement over last year at this point.

I would feel better about this if we were 5-1 or 4-2…

Should have won two of those games. This team is definitely better than 3-3, coaches just need to let the kids play and fix the penalties. Simple as.


We’re 8 points away from being 5-1, but on the flip side, we’re 5 away from being 1-5 :stuck_out_tongue:


…but this is CDH’s FOURTH year.
He handpicked his coaching staff and had the money so.

He had a full recruiting cycle to put together the team HE WANTED.

He has a senior Quarterback at his disposal.

I see what you’re saying…but we should be better than we are…he’s had time to build this program. We shouldn’t be barely beating Rice…


Football is a game of momentum. If we could clean up some or most of the penalties, that feels like it would place us on a better path the rest of the season.

There are offensive and defensive deficiencies as well, but the penalty correction feels like the low hanging fruit.

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I’m going to screenshot this post and show my cardiologist next visit if he gives me any grief.

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The players on this team are much better than 3-3… But the coaching and PLAY ON THE FIELD has been worse than 3-3 so far this year…

Law of averages and here we are at .500; through a pretty tough schedule so far…

Come on Dana… Finish Strong!!!

Agree… we been playing against our selves in addition to the opponent all season long… we have to clean up the penalties and open up the offense to get to our potential.

Let’s update this post with the latest records, because the point is only getting stronger;

utsa - 4-2 both losses are to ranked teams in the top 25
ttu - 3-3 all losses to ranked teams in the top 25
kansas - 5-1 only loss to ranked team in the top 25
rice - 3-2 1 loss to top25 team, one to UH
tulane - 4-1 loss to usm
memphis - 4-2 1 loss to miss st., one to UH

combined record: 23-11
combined record minus losses to ranked teams and UH: 23-2


The manner in which we’ve played this season, I would offer the opinion that our schedule has been underrated.

Joking guys. :grinning:

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I think we still play for the AAC Championship because Tulane has a harder conference schedule than we do imo…

I think they drop 2 and we run the table the rest of the way…

Damn Slow Starts!!!

125th to start the season.

26th now. (Tech #2)


^^ this metric probably explains why so many people are upset we’re 3-3. At the start of the season, it looked like we had a really weak schedule(favored in every game but TTech), but we’re seeing that just about every team we’ve played are having a dream season. Sure, 3-3 is disappointing, but we shouldnt be surprised we’re where we are right now.

Agree. This season a gut kick for our pre season dreams of NY6 but entire position groups have issues. UH is doing alright in that context.

I feel the worst for Dell. He’d be getting draft hype right now if his multiple punt return TD’s weren’t called back for holding(we might be 5-1 if so).

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It just shows we weren’t NY6 ready. This team has really struggled against good opponents. Let’s hope we go on a run. A resurgent Navy in Annapolis will not be easy.

When you consider Kansas beating Houston is a bigger deal than Kansas St. beating OU, you know Kansas schools were penciled in to lose both of those.

Despite the issues Dell is 67th in all purpose offense. Just @ 10 yards more per game is near the Top 40.

UH as a team.
#80 in total offense

#100 in total defense