Student loans

For you lawyers, how can the president unilaterally erase student loan debt? Doesn’t congress have to act on that?

BTW, a Channel 2 poll had 90% against forgiving loan debt.

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I’m 90%.

It’s not fair to people like me that actually had to PAY their student loans off.

Where’s my retroactive payment?


Me too I paid cash, worked 40 hrs a week to get my degree, I want my share!


I have not read the law that set it up, but I think he has some leeway, like corrupt colleges, but unilateral foregiveness, i think this will end up in court


Who is against the tax breaks that people get for buying a house that only benefits those with higher incomes?

What about the 10,000 Obama gave for 1st time home buyers?

What about those banks making excessive money off the federally guaranteed student loans at over 5% when you were able to get a car for 1.9% paid for by the students.


Car loans have collatoral to back them up. Student loans are like signature loans which have much higher interest rates. So they are paying a much lower rate than a signiture loan

Law, how much was your student debt? I had a professor in undergrad who paid $1k/year for law school. UHLC was $29k/year when I started in 2014 and it’s now $34k/year per the school’s website.

I don’t understand the idea that others shouldn’t receive benefits simply because you didn’t receive them. What makes you feel like that?

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In the mid-90s law school was much cheaper than it is today for a TX resident, but I also needed loans for room and board.

I came out about $38K in debt.

Paid it off mostly as a young Army Officer.

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Paid it back yourself? I did not think that was possible. Did you have to skip meals and live in your car?..



But as a Junior Officer, my pay wasn’t super good at the time. Fortunately, I was single, so I rented a small apartment, bought only minimal furniture, and lived within my means. During my first OIF deployment in 2003, I threw everything in storage, and made a bunch of tax free income with combat pay. I came home with a fat bank account, and wrote out a check to pay off the remaining $15K or so.

You mean the federally backed loans that the govt guarantees if the borrower defaults? Not the same as a personal loan.

According to some, you shouldn’t have received that loan.

I also borrowed something close to that for my last degree, employer paid the rest.

Nice, congrats for being resposible

Seems pretty popular to me.

The first poll is more recent but not sure how the questions were asked (the first poll also came from a left wing thing tank). Either way, both have support far higher than 10%.

Lower income people buy homes too, just at a lower cost. They get the tax break as well.

The poll I referred to was the one Channel 2 puts out and people call, text, or email in. I’m not sure of how because I didn’t pay attention; but that was their results. The other two polls above were “scientific polls” conducted by different groups. Of course the thing with these scientific polls is if you want a certain outcome, you can scientifically tailor your poll to groups sure to be favorable to your preferred outcome.

Just saying.

Also, we’re in a kerfuffle because Government is helping a select few all of a sudden?



Oh Johnny, I didn’t know you were so holy. The thing is, the government isn’t paying their debt, the taxpayers are. The government is just the money handlers.


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