Student Section sold out for TSU


There is hope for the future of the program. A generation of fans that show up regardless of time of kickoff, name of opponent or the results of the previous game.


Yup. I’m also noticing many younger alumni at the games these days. When I started attending in the Art Briles era it was basically a few hundred students and then all the folks who went in the SWC days. There was probably a 20-30 year age gap.

Now it seems like many alumni of the 2000’s who witnessed a revitalized program are sticking around.

Keeping the student experience fun is key. If half of them buy season tickets after graduation we would be sold out for the season after 8 years.

The Athletic Dept should (hopefully) be keeping tabs on students that get tickets and market HARD to them for season tickets.


I will say this, the fan experience outside has improved greatly. All the student organizations were together and had tents for the first time. The students also understand we are exciting to watch regardless of the double edge sword of tempo. We will hopefully be alright with the fertitta center and with our football future. It’s a long time coming

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Why aren’t we telling students to come anyway? We aren’t going to come close to selling this game out? It seems like this will encourage students that don’t have tickets yet to stay home.

Well the sell out and the additional tickets being released are in the same announcement. Hopefully no students are turned away. I’m thinking it’s just a way to add urgency for students to claim tickets as early as possible instead of waiting until the day of the game.


I misunderstood the last sentence when I first read it. I read it as there are additional tickets for them to buy but you are right. I’m with you.