Students required to stay home 30 days

Yes, it’s true. How do get control of runaway misinformation?

I think the only rational way to explain it is that they’re being intentionally ignorant. There’s probably a better word for it than that.

This is not to protect kids, this is the best BS they can come up with to justify their anti-vax stance.

Who is more ignorant, the leaders of the school intentionally ignoring facts, or the parents who pay $30k a year to be in that environment.

cnn and misinformation? Let see how the same so called network speaks about Ivermectin.

The power of the media. Thank god some states are using Ivermectin . The problem for the mainstream media is that Ivermectin and Hydroxy cost close to nothing to help treat the virus at an early stage. It is a major blow to the $trillions pharmaceuticals companies.
Do a trial on Ivermectin?
Of course they/major pharmaceuticals companies won’t do an Ivermectin study. Remember the Hydroxy so called study? It was on purpose grossly flowed. Hydroxy is dirt cheap and has been around for decades. This is the same with Ivermectin.
There is no money in it for them. That is why. Follow the money friends.

That’s true. It’s also a dog dewormer. It’s in the tablets I give my dogs every month.

CNN should have just called it a deworming medication.


There is an Ivermectin human formula and one for animals. There are many other “drugs” that share the same human/animal possible treatments. cnn destroyed the use of Ivermectin for treating covid in the early stages and thus costing the lives of thousands. Some states went to the extent of banning Ivermectin.

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Some folks think an anti parasitic drug is an anti viral drug. And accept its use
as such on anecdotal stories and internet research that says it’s good. No double
blind studies required by any respected medical research entity. Amazing.

But that’s not the thread topic. The topic was a private school at Miami that fears
vaccine “shedding” from students that get a shot.

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Thread about schools, and somebody goes completely off topic with a CNN/drug rant. Is he that confused?


I am quoting:
Yes, it’s true. How do get control of runaway misinformation?
cnn is a reliable news source?
How many countries are using Ivermectin to treat covid in the early stages? You invited this response by using cnn. I am calling a spade a spade.

Only poor developing (aka 3rd world) countries. You want us to be like Guatemala? Why do you hate the US so much? Please keep your anti-US, anti-capitalism, poor country loving posts off of Coogfans.

Its a private school they can do what they want to.

Why not call out Kyrie Irving?

Sure, if you like start a thread about the gentleman.

There was one about the Washington State HC and staff that just got terminated.

Is Kyrie refusing to play with guys that got a shot due to the fear of
viral “shedding” and wants all vaccinated folks to stay away from him for 30 days ?
Perfectly reasonable and grounded in sound logic.

NRG it is a private school. If you don’t like their stance don’t send your kid there. Problem solved.

What are your thoughts on mandates for police officers. I think the Chicago mayor nailed it.

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Sure it’s a private school , posting baloney publicly.

Everyone has the right to set the rules for their organization. You don’t have a right to be in an organization or work anywhere. If the rules are applied to everyone and you don’t comply with the rules…you get let go. To me it is very simple. No is denying the Washington State coach the right to work.

Should Kyrie have the right to post baloney on twitter and instagram? `or should he shut up and dribble? Should the rule and mores of the the vast majority of us hold serve over the thoughts and beliefs of the few?

I actually agree with Coog51, the world may end soon. I think you are missing the main point of the thread though, being upset with misinformation getting spread by the school. That can also be applied to Kyrie on a number of subjects over his lifetime. We all have the right to criticize and call these type of people stupid for what they do. A private school can do what they want within the law, but Coogfans can call them irresponsible and bad for society for doing it. Freedom!

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Posting things like that on social media is akin to yelling fire in a theater.
You better be smelling smoke, seeing flames, or feeling some heat if you do that.

If you’re publicly posting untruthful health items, you probably should be called on it.
I think that’s why facebook and twitter have imposed standards on users of their services.

Oh my god, seriously. Yeah a private school
Can do what they want. If they lose students so be it.

Kyrie can do what he wants if he loses game checks so be it.

But a private organization like a basketball team can mandate their players to do things.