Suggestions on cutting the cord

Oh, and I don’t watch any of the movie channels (HBO, Showtime) at all so that’s not a worry.

Man you know the heat is on when you click on a thread like this thinking it’s about getting rid of a coach.


It’s been a few months since I have compared (and things change fast with streaming services right now) but YouTubeTV had pretty generous DVR set up. If it ever becomes available for the Amazon product, YouTubeTV is probably my next stop. Right now, we are enjoying the free part. My wife watches different network shows but, if she stays pretty current, she can watch the latest episodes on the free NBC and ABC apps (CBS requires $5/month) through Amazon Fire. The episodes are not available right after airing and you have about a 3- or 4-week window to watch before you need to pay.

The other option is to buy the entire season of a show from Amazon or somewhere else. We did that for two shows and spent $45 or $50 for the digital content rather than keep our UVerse DVR and pay that per month until we caught up on the shows.

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So if you are hesistant because of shows i got you.
has every show and movie as they come out. youll have to wait for dvd release for HD version BUT shows update an hour after airing in HD.

As far as ads. Id just install an ab blocker. I personally use Ublock and Stands. They are extensions in the google store if you use Chrome. Free to download.

Whenever i dont have the firestick i just stream from Stream2watch or find a youtube live stream on youtube. but id use an adblocker.

If you currently have Spotify premium you get HULU for free. Theres a program on youtube that shows you how to install Spotify premium for free and therefore get hulu for free. (I can post later how to do it if youd like)

So now your only other concern is sports and thats a personal preference on money and sports channels not on tv shows. But id look into the firestick.


I have been researching cutting the cord as well. As soon as AT&T Sports becomes part of a streaming service, I’m dropping Direct TV.

I found this helpful link comparing on-line channel lineups:

I plan on using an OTA antenna to pull in the local stations.


There’s a good thread about this topic in The Satellite.


One quick followup. I just got off the phone with DTV to complain about cost increases and indeed, received credits for the next 6 months. I believe that as other services become more readily available and less expensive, DTV will have to give long-time customers some consideration.

Ps vue you pay monthly and you can change your subscription once every 30 day ( or something like that) so technically you can pay for the sports package and the move down to the lower tier when your sport is not playing. I don’t do that bc it’s only a $10 dollar difference but if you really needed to it’s there.

Go to and look for the thread on the current ridiculous retention offers that DTV has been offering recently.

I had DirecTV for 15 years. Switched to DirectvNow at the start of the year for $35/mo. Cbssn was thrown into my package without a price increase prior to the start of football season. Great overall package. And I also get the local fox and abc networks. Very satisfied with all that I get for the price. MSG Networks were just added for free today as well.

No DVR functionality at the moment but it’s coming. I was invited to be part of the beta test last month.

Get on reddit… there is a r/cfbstreams subreddit, as well as r/nbastreams, r/nflstreams, and I am sure there is am MLB too, but never looked for it…

My in laws have only OTA and netflix, so I have had to find solutions when at their house

My main problem on cutting the cord is finding good internet only service for a good price. My area only offers att and xfinity and the are around $65 a month ( with taxes) for 100 mps… so once I add $35 for a service like YouTube tv I am back to around 100 a month

123 movies is a pirate site. It’s like advocating tapping into a neighbor’s line to steal cable. The content providers need to make something, even if we all think the cables companies/satellite charge too much. It’s stealing.

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I get that. However, I view Internet connection like cell phones - a necessary luxury. It is not a basic requirement to live but it makes life a lot easier if I have it. I consider it a sunk cost and there are not other options like cable vs streaming for TV. So I try to save $ with TV. At least I am not bound by a contract and not paying fees upon fees [receiver fee, HD fee, etc ] that made my $40 basic cable into $55.

It’s not for everyone but I am trying it out.

You only need about 50 mbps to run up to four streaming devices at once. A good router is more important than your mbps.

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And run a speed test from time to time to make sure you’re getting those speeds. If you aren’t, get the company out there to fix the noise problems. Too often, the guys hooking you up are just patching you into an already packed neighborhood box and don’t really care what speed you’re getting. You’re paying for that speed, make sure you’re getting it.

I had everything available on DirecTV. I told them I was cancelling and ended up with a package that kept everything but HBO and Cinmax but the gave me the NFL Season Ticket at no charge and dropped my payment by 50%


What’s going on here? That looks like a illegal site. Mods? Let’s not advocate stealing.


ESPN+ solves a lot of the problems mentioned here with regard to CBSSN.