Sumlin - get some payback

Kevin Sumlin Cost us a Conference Championship and BCS busting Sugar Bowl. Never forget!


It is also the one thing missing from the resume of one of the greatest players in UH history! Case Keenum deserved that championship and bowl, he deserved a coaching staff that was completely focused.


I seriously doubt that the current coaches and players are looking at what happened 7 years ago as motivation. This is really a “fan issue”, not bulletin board material.

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Bring back the palm trees!!!


I don’t think any of today’s team care about what happened in 2011. Now, if the game were played between Coog Fans and AZ Fans then this would be motivation.

So I should have read to the bottom before saying what you said!

This one still stings.


Only to us, the fans. Players just want to beat Zona. No vendetta for them, I think.

I wonder how big of fans some of the players were 7 years ago. Some of them may have been huge fans in elementary school/middle school.

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His post is for everyone of us to remember what scumlin did. 40k fans going after scumlin is note worthy. The question is not if he deserves it but more if our fans will act on it.
Certain Coaches could care less for who they work for. The fans and Alums do care.


If I was applewhite I would be running with sumlin, the loss and revenge all week. I would explain and show what he did. The players would care what he did to their u. I would run with the, “do it for case” mantra. They would have something extra to play for. We always do more when it’s for the guy next to us. When its for our team. He screwed OUR team and school. It’s part of our history. They will play for it if it’s on the table.


Maybe he should tape blue arizona jerseys to the locker room floor.

I think this one is on the fans to provide the extra motivation/energy. Just hope they are into it for the entire game!


Who is going to teach that history to CMA? Khator? Tillman?

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This fan won’t be into it at all. Life is too short to hold grudges. Peace.


This is directed at the fans but some players were fans and I’m all for whatever motivation Applewhite can use. A message should be sent!

I could be fuzzy on the timeline as these tend to roll together after Herman but remember press reports of Sumlin to Texas A&M during the pre-game of conference championship game and reports head coach job offer accepted during 1st quarter. Former UH players have said they knew something was off and Sumlin had stopped coaching his team at the critical moment. All that hard work, pain, blood, sweat disregarded by Sumlin when he was needed the most. All he had to do was wait a couple days. We do have current players who remember what it felt like when Tom bolted.

I understand that. And it’s not like UH has a really loyal, rabid fan base outside of a few thousand hardcore fans. My point was that I think CMA trying to use it as motivation for his team would have minimal effect. However, if the crowd wanted to be more rowdy than normal, this would be the time.

With the AAC, the fans don’t have many opportunities to be “up” for opponents coming into TDECU. Arizona is a P5 with a former UH coach that left on a low note. If the fans were in their seats before the teams return to the field for kickoff and can survive the heat to sit in their seats for the 2nd half, that would help the atmosphere and energy in TDECU.


We were in our normal tailgate spot the morning of the game when Matt Jackson came stomping up to the tree and wailing about that "mutha . . . " Scumlin! This was at 9:30 that morning, before the game, and MJ was screaming that Summie had already accepted the job with the Aggies, and was announcing it to the team.

Sure enough, when we were in the stands about an hour later, and saw the team come out for the game, they were flatter than a pancake. I mean, national tv, chance to go to Sugar Bowl, I expected those kids to be flying so high, the big problem for the coaches that day should have been reigning in their emotions. Instead, the team huddled up with the position coaches, and Summie stood aside. That’s when we knew MJ was right.

After that, UH gets the ball, Keenum hits Carrier in the hands on a fly that would have put us up by a quick 7, and instead, Carrier drops the ball. He did it again the next series, same result. From there, it was all downhill.

Please don’t try and tell me that Summie’s antics that week before the game didn’t have an effect upon the players. We saw it first hand. That kind of thing gets handed down from player to player. I’m quite certain the present set of players know all about what happened from the 2011 class of players, and they are more than eager to “get some” for their brothers. I also expect the fans to be especially nasty towards Summie this weekend. That will also pump the players up even more.

You’re damn right it’s time for some payback!


Have it on good authority he had a late night Thursday at Treasures.


They are back! lol