Sun Belt Media Day

JEREMY WISE COLUMN: Will realignment be the buzz at Sun Belt Media Day?

Sun Belt Conference: Benson feels conference could survive Power Five domino effect

Future television deals:
In addition to the conference’s ESPN partnership that will last through the 2019-20 academic year, Benson hinted at a future television deal to be announced at a later date. The future partner will air 10 games and include the men’s and women’s basketball season.

5. Well this is awkward

The trite comparison would make Idaho and New Mexico State the jilted significant others having to deal with a mutual ex showing up in public with their new companion. The problem is that’s exactly how it felt. All parties involved tried to put their best foot forward and insist it wasn’t a thing on Monday inside the Superdome, but the there was no hiding the tension from an uncomfortable arrangement that won’t work itself out until 2018. Getting kicked out of the Sun Belt is bad enough and it didn’t help matters when Benson didn’t acknowledge the presence of the Vandals or NMSU, who happens to have defending Sun Belt Offensive Player of the Year Larry Rose III on the roster, during his opening address.

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