Sun Belt Stadiums: (Trust me there's a UH connection here)

This is a low budget review of college stadiums series that I’ve been following…check out the scoreboard at the 4:06 mark…

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Why was he on their scoreboard?

Perhaps to announce that Applewhite was hired as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the South Alabama Jaguars last December? Clickbait to make us sit through the video :wink:

That makes sense. Thanks.

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Maybe so, but I found it interesting.

just watched several videos on that channel. mls, big12, sunbelt, and future stadiums. pretty good. should probably get back to work though

What channel is that other than youtube?

the channel is the account that uploads the videos

I got it, thanks. Just watched the SEC, but there was no AAC that I could find.

They started a few weeks ago, he’s releasing each week, AAC will come, I’m sure.

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