Sunshine is back!

This could just as easily been on the basketball board, but it doesn’t specify where he will be working. Welcome home, nice to have you back.


Love it…all that positive energy will be welcome in our Athletic Department :+1::smiley:

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I see Sunshine was a guard. Looking at his size no wonder our OL has had difficulty recently! :slight_smile:


I guess his tv career didn’t go as well as he thought, eh


good for him.


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came here to post exactly this lol

This is football so……

yea, I got it too late I guess.

I don’t blame him 1 bit for going on the bachelorette, my mans trying to secure the bag :joy:, unless he was on there for love than that’s cool too lol

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I doubt very many go on that sow for the love; marriages are made in heaven, not in Hollywood. I don’t watch the show, but my wife does and I’m not sure any of them end up married, and if there are, I bet they are the exception, not the rule.

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I watch it I find it absolutely hilarious, some do get married and some don’t, and when I say some I mean most don’t :joy::joy: but it still is real people. But it’s so obvious the producers are just trolling them the whole time, it’s kinda messed up. But hey they are grown people who signed up for it. But yes some do find love and are happily married. But it’s not an efficient system in the slightest lmao.

It seems to me that you are looking at some really high maintenance girls on there.

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Eh again some are, some aren’t lol, not anymore so than regular men/women, they are just in the spotlight. Either way I don’t blame sunshine for going on there. They get a huge platform if they start making it farther in the show. And again if he was actually there for love than good on him lol.

I don’t blame him for anything, I just think the whole concept of the show is stupid.


Respect that. I just find it hilarious, I watch Tv to be entertained so that’s all I care about :joy:. Glad sunshine is back

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pretty vague job title

This is actually a talent/research/audition show. Unofficially it has nothing to do with love. TV/Movie producers used to/still do the same with game shows. There are countless of actors/actresses that at one time or another did these shows. Susanne Sommers, Tom Selleck and many others did.

These aren’t actors and actresses, if they were, this is some of the best acting I have ever seen. And believe it or not, there are people who are still happily married from these shows. Just most aren’t lol

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