Super Early Depth Chart

Anybody want to venture a guess what we might look like?

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1st guess:


CB- Myres
S-Anderson or Wilder



I totally thought Will Noble was a Sr last year. Man, having his experience back this year is going to be invaluable.


Wouldn’t want to face that D-line

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almost exactly how i would have had it…
few changes from me is that godrey starts over robinson at lb but that’ll be close

wilder starts at nickle back

Stevenson too injury prone and wilder too slow to be return specialist. wilder was already moved… the only way wilder starts at returns is if there is muffing issue and he wants safe hands

the incoming freshmen peyton sawyer likely starts at kick returner, that’s actually what he was known for in high schools (1st team all state as a kick returner)…no clue about punt returner, likely some fast 3rd string player similar to last year


Mutin may be our best lb

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Looks spot on. The only change I will make is switching Carr with Catalon. I just have a feeling he’s going to make a leap this Spring.


I agree with you about RB. Car’s burst and running style is hard to ignore. With a new coach I see this switch happening.


Good start to the depth chart.
My changes would be:
LB - Godfrey likely is ahead of Robinson. But I expect Robinson to get time.
WR - at the slot, I would guess that it is Stevenson or Singleton. Guiton really likes Singleton. And given the injury history, we don’t know what we are going to get out of Stevenson. I’m hopeful that he will be 100% all season. He is supposed to be a baller.

Looking at this depth chart. What are thoughts on where a few grad transfers could be plugged in?

I think either Godfrey or Anenith get a start at LB. To me Egbule is too slow for a rush end !

Let’s not forget about Peyton Turner…not sure he starts, but will see a lot of playing time.

Also, if Anderson is cleared to play, I play him at NB with his size and speed. Stuard made too many mistakes last year…most likely because he was a freshman, but I like his hustle.


Does anyone think Oliver would be better at the DE position? I feel like at nose guard it is easier for teams to double team him. Also NFL teams will most likely want to switch him to DE because of his athleticism. I think he would have more opportunities for sacks at the DE position

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chambers makes next year insteresting… chambers was a espn 300 almost exclusively because of his sack numbers…doubling ed next year might actually leave room for him to have a big year…


I see people say this, and I don’t think they get it. Oliver is a NFL dream because he is so athletic at his position and does all the normal stuff. He will play Inside and be the most distributive force the NFL has at the position. At DE he just does what others already do, at DT he does what no one else does.


I don’t see Godfrey starting ahead of Robinson unless he moved to ILB with Owens.

My guess. Obviously some players listed aren’t yet cleared to play this coming season.

QB King, Smith
RB Catalon, Car
WR Lark, Corbin
WR Hemphill-Mapps, Mark
WR Stevenson, Singleton
TE Brooker, Eichenberger (could see Trahan or Wells emerge here)
LT J Jones, Alexander
LG B Jones, Murphy
OC Noble, Fontana
RG Eloph, Denley
RT J Williams, Bardwell (could see grad transfer here)

DE Carter, Vaughn
NT Ed, Fleming
DE Chambers, Turner (2nd Team as good as some AAC’s 1st)
OLB Egbule. Anenih
ILB Owens, Milburn
ILB Robinson, Gooden
OLB Godfrey, Shelley
CB Myres, Winchester (could see grad transfer here)
CB Johnson, J Smith
NB J Williams, Stuard
S Davis, Sprewell
S Anderson, Wilder

That lineup should be good enough to win the West Division and very possibly beat UCF in championship game. Somewhat tough schedule having to go to Memphis (they got grad transfer QB from Arizona) and Navy with USF coming here. Goal should be to win conference, but getting to championship game with double-digit wins certainly wouldn’t be disastrous. UCF is #1 in the AAC in returning production (#27 nationally), and their all-conference QB is still there. They have to be the conference favorite.

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Ditto, Godfrey or Anenih (sp) to start at LB. Egbule hasn’t transitioned yet to a goto OLB imo.

Is Hemphill-Mapps now confirmed to transfer here?
Anderson seems like a solid chance on a waiver.
What are the odds with Hemphill-Mapps?

Wouldn’t Hemphill-Mapps have to sit out? Or is a waiver a strong possibility?

I expect Mutin to be in the mix at Linebacker and with a Spring and Fall would not be surprised to see Anenih ahead of Egbule.

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I haven’t seen anything to suggest RHM would be entitled to a waiver. Am I missing something?