Support gun reform? Get ousted!

Cowards! There are too many cowards in power.


Fascism at work.


They’re not doing a very good job at representing their constituents either.

The Republican Party has gone way past wacko and into serious abuse of power issues.

Censorship is not conducive to solving anything.


Most Republican politicians these days aren’t interested in serving consituents, they’re interested in power.


Most American politicians are out for themselves and staying in power. Its Sad! they are here to serve us not the other way around.


@92010Coogs what is happening in TN is what totalitarian behavior looks like. Please learn it.


From the article,

“Amid the protests that leaked into the building, Reps. Gloria Johnson, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson led chants on the House floor in which they called on their colleagues to pass new gun laws. The lawmakers were aided by a bullhorn.”

quite clearly the protestors where on the house floor interupting procedures and state business. They did much more to disturb things than the 1/6 peeps ever did, they were right to remove them.

Wasn’t it a democrat that just murdered little Christian kids? Didn’t the democrat also murder a black worker at the school? A white democrat murdering a black man and nobody says a word.

Kinda like MTG and Boebert chanting during the SOTU?

In any case, the last point is nonsense. The 1/6 peeps caused the entire certification to be delayed hours? Do you think it all or just parrot nonsense you find online?


Do you have any evidence of this?


Looks like they are really really really removing legislative representation from millions of citizens in the Nashville area. Over what? Protesting lack common sense gun reform. :confounded: damn!

Uh, crime and punishment, anyone? Naked abuse of power with impunity!

Now it’s getting weird. :face_holding_back_tears:

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Tennessee Republicans on the march


The Klan started in Tenneesee.

Not a good look for Republicans.

Somehow they make it look even worse. Expel the two black guys, white woman gets to stay.


kkk? Best friends to dems. byrd? Yes same guys that served in the d.c. swamp was a dem. Disgusting.

Is that what happened? Wow, guess they don’t need to hide behind hoods anymore.


100% what happened. To put this into perspective Republicans in Tennessee let a child molester stay a legislature.


It’s because they broke the rules. Know what you’re talking about before you post nonsense. Don’t cry they will most likely be replaced by democrats. If the democrat lady didn’t murder a black man and Christian kids they would still have their jobs. Still not 1 of you people have said anything condemning of the murdering of kids.

All you people are worried about is it hiding the fact democrats are are out of their mind.