SWAC - Fall Sports to be cancelled

Per Brett McMurphy the SWAC will announce on Monday the cancellation of Fall sports including football.

More dominoes will fall after this one.

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I may have have an anxiety attack if they take away CFB.

Coping options or suggestions?
I have not lived a year of my life without football season.



If football is canceled, I’m going to be doing a lot of fishing this fall.


I don’t think the SWAC has lead domino clout. Others may cancel, but it won’t be because of the SWAC.


In the south it does - Southern cancels and now LSU has to wonder to a degree if they share the same city - Grambling cancels and now your going to look at La Tech and ULM harder

Jackson State is in the state capital

The Texas schools shut it down plus high schools and now folks will look to see what HBU, UH and Rice will do. They all share the same city. One of them play and someone dies then that’s blood on someone’s hand.

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I can guarantee you that what Southern U does in Baton Rouge will have no domino effect on LSU. Orgeron told the US VP we need football. He has a infinitely more clout in Baton Rouge than the SWAC commisioner or anyone from Southern U – maybe even the mayor. La Tech and ULM will follow LSU, not the SWAC, Grambling, and Southern.

What TSU and PVAM does will have no effect on UH. If UT and the B12 shut it down, that would make a difference. Basically, the P5’s will make their own decisions and the G5’s will probably follow suit. If the NCAA comes out with a directive, that would do it if they have the stroke.

Shutting down an NCAA tournament is not the same as telling conferences they may or may not play football. So, I really don’t know the power structure there.


Exactly, no domino with the SWAC and especially not to universities like LSU or other big schools in Texas. Silly to cancel ALL fall sports when some of them have been proven to be executed safely across the country all summer.

The SWAC fall sports would be men’s and women’s golf (absoultey ridiculous to cancel these), cross countrry, vollyball, and football. Cross country and vollyball probably can be executed safely.

Cancelling will be the very last resort. As our commish said this past week, delays are possible and our commish says that pushing it too the spring is his last resort and never mentiioned that cancelling the season was an option. He didn’t say “Cancelling is not an option”, but he migjht have well.

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Get out the sandbox

SU has political clout - no, it won’t draw LSU attention but if someone 3 miles shuts it down for safety it’ll put the bullseye on others to see what they do.

We just cut our budget 7.5 percent and have to add testing to the the budget and other unknowns and we still want to risk everything and play? What exactly are we getting financially if we do play? You can’t maximize the fan base, parking, etc.

You take a road trip and you can’t even do buffet style any more. You gotta prepackage meals and that means someone ain’t eating as well. Little things. Student trainer comes up ill and they taped the O-Line that friday for practice

If we can wait 6 months and there’s a proven vaccine I’ll risk that than this other stuff.

Even NFL players are waffling now.

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What if we wait six or twelve months or eighteen months and there is still no vaccine, how long do we wait to continue college sports?

By then we’ll have a better game plan of how to do it right. We can’t follow NBA, etc as they are isolating everyone. We have folks off campus, etc which makes for different dynamics

Maybe folks won’t mess the curve up also

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I’m guessing the cost of testing all sports is one of the major reasons for the SWAC to cancel, if in fact they actually do cancel tomorrow.

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It doesn’t hurt the SWAC schools financially as much as it will hurt a UT or OU

Do any of you read a newspaper besides the sports page?? We HAVE a vaccine, and it will be ready before the end of December! It will consist of 2 shots, one to begin and a booster 30 days later…The question is how distribution will be set up for so many people…talk of using US military to help…That is for the 80% of us who will take it…There are 20% who will refuse, because they would rather be STUPID than have their so called rights infringed on…
BTW, one of vaccines creators is Dr Maclellan, SARS virus expert from longhorn land in Austin…You think theyre arrogant now? Wait till they get to walk around telling you to thank THEM for saving the world…

First, no Southern doesn’t have clout. I was raised in Baton Rouge and I can say that with confidence.

Second, it wasn’t Southern that shut down fall sports, it was the SWAC. Southern may have been in agreement or not; regardless, the SWAC doesn’t affect the SEC. If the SEC or any other conference shuts down, it will not be because the SWAC did.

As of right now we do not have an approved vaccine


It does in that they make a lot of money playing D1 schools.

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Forget it, he’s rolling.

There is not going to be one !

An approval is coming. They’ve been doing human trials for a good time now. Mass production will be an issue at some point.

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