Swallwell slept with a chicom spy. Why is he still in Congress?

Sleeping with the enemy used to get you the firing squad. Why is Stallwell still in office?

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Probably because he got 70% of the vote in the last election in his district…also we aren’t a war with China and they are a valuable trade partner so your definition of them as “the enemy” simply isn’t accurate.

Keep nutballing though…it’s always good for a laugh.


YOU do understand what you wrote right?

Do you?

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I honestly don’t think he does.


Can’t think of anything more obvious.

Self owns are the best entertainment.


Did he know she was a Chinese spy?

Did he turn over any sensitive or classified info?

I don’t know. Somebody educate me.

If the answer is no to both, then I don’t see why he should resign.


They may not be an enemy per se, but I do know they are regarded as a competitor.

Also, they are one of the few nations for which there is legislation prohibiting the USA from engaging in any activity which might build their combat power.

That’s a sign that they are regarded as adversarial and at least a potential enemy.

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No and no plus he cooperated fully with FBI investigators way back when this happened. Kinda funny OP is tossing this lame thing out now. Just another of his daily distractions.

And…as I said not an “enemy”. Thank you for backing me up on that. Adversary and enemy are two distinct categories.


doj for thee but not for me

Not an enemy?
Not doing a damn thing to stop fentanyl being mass produced in mainland China
Spying on trade secrets?
The chicoms are not doing a damn thing about it…THEY ENCOURAGE IT.
chicoms exported covid
They are not doing a damn thing to open their labs and data…MILLIONS DIED
Uyghurs in concentration camps
The chicoms are in control…The chicoms keep denying
Taiwain is being threatened by the chicoms
The chicoms have no right to Twaiwan. They lost the war. Now they want to invade.
On the Taiwanese subject? It is equal to North Korea vs South Korea
The chicoms are helping putin the vermine
Does an ally help an enemy?
chicoms are our enemy. Denying it is typical delusional dem’s world.

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Try decaf.


It’s really funny what the left will excuse because…cooperation. Let’s just forget the fact he is on the intelligence committee. We aren’t at war with Russia either. Should members of Congress sleep with Russian spies? If this guy was a Republican, you same people will be out with the pitchforks looking for blood.


The dems and mainstream media.


And he cut off contact. In contrast:

“Just to emphasize, Carter Page was warned that he was being targeted by Russian intelligence,” Rangappa tweeted. “So was the Trump campaign. And Senator Ron Johnson. NONE of them cut off contact…they doubled down (and in the case of the Trump campaign, later concealed and lied about it to the FBI).”



That one made me lol.
I wonder if he composed that or some snappy staffer came up
with it.


Holy S***… :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: Please tell me that’s real…


LOL…it’s real…



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