Swampy d.c. and insider trading

Inside trading is against the law but is it true for everyone?
This is for both sides.
180+ congressional staffers fail to disclose stock trades. At least 54 congress members are implicated. This is just for the one’s being caught. The speaker benefited and made over $30M’s in stock trades that she had first hand knowledge.

From the wapost

Rule for thee but not for me…

Won’t here any contradiction from me. I personally would like to see a system of completely eliminating personal profit incentives for public service. So you went to make lots of money? Great go for it I fully encourage participation in the capitalist economy. Just not in governance.

Let’s see who really cares by trading away act profit or enrichment incentive.


Why would someone stay in d.c. for 50 years? This is regardless of party affiliations. mcconnell and his wife running the transportation department for decades like a mafia enterprise is a prime example.

I think we both know the answer… Same reasons for most anything power and money. McConnell I think would do his job for free, I think he loves the power way more than the money. The money is just a nice bonus for him.

I 100% concur with you. This is why they took out the big bad orange men because he threated the very essence of swampy d.c. That is also why the same swampy d.c. is going after him so they can block him from running again. This entire economical and foreign policy debacle is another reminder of what happens to the greatest country in the world when the swamp is in control. This has never been about one party vs another. It has always been about dirty prostitutes d.c. politicians.

There is a guy that is tracking and posting what members of congress are buying selling. His profile name is congressquiver or quivercongress

Chickenfeed. The Biden family has interest in a Chinese consortium that has interest in African resources worth billions.


They do indeed.

The president (other than Trump) has to put his assets in blind trust.

Congress should have to as well.


Why did my post get deleted? Others are discussing people in congress making money off stocks and I point out one member who agrees with Chris and is pushing to stop the insider trading, but its taken down?

I just had quite a few whacked a couple were from thread deletion. Others not so much.

I’m sure OP flagged yours because you said he was a populist and he took offense to that. All mine had was that there is a member of congress that agrees with him.

Probably, can’t be blamed for someone not liking an accurate description.

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